Digital Studio Project List

Here are a few examples of projects that the Digital Studio has supported at GVSU!

Statistics Lightboard Videos

Stats Lightboard Videos

In an effort to make STA 215 more accessible through a hybrid course offering Becky Bergakker worked with the digital studio to create lightboard videos for statistics

Math Games

Math Games

Working with Char Beckman's MTH 496 class we helped students create instructional videos that teach teachers how to play math based board games. 

Chemistry Safety Videos

Chem Safety

We created the safety videos used in all sections of CHM 115, these videos are viewed by over 1500 students each semester. 

Library Tutorials

Library Tutorials

Working with liaison librarians we have created many library tutorials for students in a wide variety of courses. 

Chemistry Device Tutorials

Gas Chromatrograph

Working with the Chemistry department the digital studio has created tutorials on how to use some of the most common devices found in chemistry labs

Chemistry Lightboard Videos

Chemistry Lightboard

Dr. Matt Hart from the Chemistry department was one of the first faculty members to work with the digital studio to create lightboard videos for his organic chemistry courses


GVSU Library

In collaboration with the GVSU library the digital studio has created videos to highlight the current OER champions on campus to encourage others to start using and creating free and open resources. 

Business Law Lightboard Videos

Star Swift

Star Swift from the Seidman College of Business has created dozens of lightboard videos to use in her business law courses. 

APA Tutorial

APA Module

Along with Rita Kohrman and Betsy Williams the digital studio helped to create an interactive module that helps students understand the basics of APA, this module is currently being used in dozens of courses. 

GVSU Activate


While working with the GVSU social justice centers the digital studio helped create a set of interactive modules that students complete before going out and serving our community. 

Math Lightboard Videos

Math Lightboard

Marcia Frobish from the Math department worked with the digital studio to create lightboard videos that are being used in many courses

Interactive Anatomy

Anatomy Module

The digital studio worked with Kristin Vu from the Medical Dosimetry program to create an interactive tool that gives students the opportunity to practice identifying specific parts of anatomy. 

Ethical Reasoning Module

Ethical Reasoning Module

In collaboration with Danielle Lake from the Liberal Studies department the digital studio has created a module that teaches students about various theories related to ethical reasoning that is being used in courses throughout the department. 

Exercise Videos

Exercise Video Thumbnail

Working with the Digital Studio Justin DeSousa from the Movement Science department was able to create customized exercise videos for his students. 

RA Training Modules

RA Training Module Thumbnail

Working with the Housing and Residence Life department the digital studio has created seven modules that all incoming Resident Assistants go through before coming on campus and starting their in person training. 

SWS Faculty Training

SWS Training Video Thumbnail

In a collaboration with the Writing Center and Lindsay Ellis from the Writing Department the digital studio helped to create training animations for faculty who teach SWS courses

Children's Health Center 360 Degree Tour

Children's Health Center Tour

Julia VanderMolen worked with the Digital Studio to create a 360 degree tour of the Children's Health Center in Grand Rapids. This tour was embedded in an eBook that she created and helps give readers a better since of this specialized medical facility. 

Biology Experiment Video

Bio Experiment

Working with Stephen Rybcznski from the Biology department the Digital Studio created a photosynthesis experiment tutorial to be utilized by pre-service and current k-12 Biology Teachers

Swivl for Classroom Observations

Swivl Promo

Working with both Erica Hamilton and Swivl the Digital Studio has create a video that explains the benefits of recording your own instruction as a form of self assessment for instructors. 

Statistics Music Video

Stats Music Video

Becky Bergakker worked with the Digital Studio to create a music video around around statistics concepts to help her students remember what the term "correlation" means. 

FTLC Short Course Videos

FTLC Short Course

In Collaboration with the FTLC the Digital Studio helped to create a hybrid workshop where experts from around campus created video lectures on the history of inequality in the United States before leading an in-person discussion on a given topic. 

Physical Education Tutorials

A film still of two Students tossing a football in a gymnasium

In cooperation with the Movement Science department the digital studio created examples of form and best practices when doing physical activities. 

3D Modelling for Research

A screenshot of the 3D Modeling software Meshmixer displaying a model foot.

The Digital Studio, along with the Technology Showcase worked with the Movement Science department and the College of Engineering to scan a foot for 3D printing to be used in research on running.

Conversations with Colleagues

Two people having a conversation in an office

Working with the Digital Studio, Paola León had the opportunity to capture an interview with visiting scholars and have a discussion about their field of Social Work.

360 Degree Farm Tour

360 Farm Tour

Working with Cheryl Kaleka from the College of Education the Digital Studio created a 360 degree tour of Fellinlove Farms which aims to create a therapeutic environment for children with special needs.   

Computer Generated Models

A Computer Generated 3D Molecule in Grand Valley's Technology Showcase

The Digital Studio along with the Atomic Object Technology Showcase created computer generated 3D models to be displayed in a Microsoft HoloLens with the Biomedical Sciences department to better understand molecules and compounds. 

Nursing Simulations

Hannah jensen simulation screen shot

The Digital Studio worked with Professors Andrea Bostrom and Deborah Bambini to develop a series of interactive nursing simulations in which students must evaluate a patient's condition and then make appropriate decisions regarding their care.

Augmented Reality Visual Field Cut

Stereoscopic view of Grand Valley's Allendale Campus

With the help of Occupational Therapy assistant professor Carla Slabaugh, The Digital Studio created an augmented reality app. When used with a phone and an augmented reality headset, students can see what a patient with a left visual field cut would experience. 

SWS Faculty Training Illustrated Video

The filming of the SWS Illustration video

In a collaboration with the Writing Center and Lindsay Ellis from the Writing Department the digital studio extended the  training animations for faculty who teach SWS courses with a paper and marker illustration.

"To the Letter" Podcast


In collaboration with GVSU libraries the digital studio worked to produce "To the Letter" a podcast that tells the story of a WWII soldier and his love interest through letters that they wrote to each other throughout his deployment. 

Identifying Medication Prescriptions

Identifying Medication Prescriptions

This "game" asks students to identify various parts of a medication prescription. It was created by Kerry Mohney in collaboration with the GVSU Digital Studio. 

A Body's Tale Podcast

Podcast Art

Working with Eric Ramsson the digital studio helped to produce a podcast that documents medical abnormalities.

Statistics Consulting Examples

Stats Consulting Example

Working with the statistics department the digital studio worked to create examples of good and bad statistical consulting appointments for students in their capstone course. 

New Online Student Orientation Videos

Student Orientation Video Screen Capture

The Digital Studio was integral in creating a series of videos for the GVSU Online/Hybrid Orientation. This work was completed for the Office of the Provost and the Online Education Council.