eLearning Initiatives

eLearning and Emerging Technologies is tracking and engaged in a variety of digital learning and academic innovations across the campus. This work is collaborative with campus partners that include: the Pew Faculty Teaching and Learning Center, University Libraries, and the Office of the Provost, along with additional key constituencies across the institution.

Topics and Trends

Here are a few areas of concentration and themes being facilitated by the eLearning Team:

  • Blackboard Learning Management System and Instructional Technology Support
  • Digital Media Development (Video, Interactive Multimedia, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality)
  • Classroom Technology (SmartBoards, AppleTV, Wireless Presentation etc.)
  • Online and Hybrid Teaching and Learning  
  • Open Educational Resources (OER)
  • Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
  • Student Retention and Early Alert
  • Learning Analytics and Big Data
  • Active and Adaptive Learning
  • Student Response Systems
  • Flexible Learning Spaces
  • Flipped Instruction
  • Learning Objects 
  • Design Thinking

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Pilots and Active Projects

The eLearning and Emerging Technologies team is engaged in a variety of pilots and active projects that include the following:


  • Blackboard Grades Journey Project - In Evaluation
  • Blackboard Photo Roster, Display Pronouns - In Evaluation Winter 2020
  • Paper Scanning and Testing Software Project - In Evaluation Winter 2020
  • Google Assignments Beta Blackboard Integration - Target Winter 2021
  • Microsoft Teams Blackboard Integration - In Evaluation 
  • Microsoft OneNote Blackboard Integration - Summer 2019 Evaluation Summer 2020 


  • Blackboard Drop/Add Enrollment Notifications - Fall 2017
  • Blackboard Ally - June 2018
  • Panopto Pilot - June 2018
  • Blackboard MERGE Course Request Form and Policy Change - Spring 2019
  • Respondus LockDown and Monitor - Fall 2019
  • VitalSource Blackboard Integration Implemented - Winter 2020
  • Labster Blackboard Integration Implemented - Winter 2020
  • Blackboard Ally BeeLine - Winter 2020
  • Blackboard EAC Assessment and Accreditation Solution - Summer 2020



  • VoiceThread Pilot - Summer 2017 
  • Qwickly Attendance Pilot - Summer 2017
  • PlayPosit Pilot - Summer 2018
  • Google Course Kit Blackboard Integration - Summer 2019

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