Officer & Athlete Resources

Officers and student-athletes who are looking for more information on Club Sports policies & procedures should first search through the detailed information within the Club Sports Handbook.  If after that, you cannot find the answer you are looking for, contact [email protected] for additional help.

Student Organization Support

Club Sports at Grand Valley are Registered Student Organizations (RSO).  Please use the link below for additional RSO support.  Please note, some Club Sports policies supercede RSO policies.  Check in with Club Sports Administration if you have questions.

Student Organization Support

Additional On-Campus Resources

CARE referrals are intended to encourage faculty, staff, students, and others to voluntarily refer a student who may be struggling with academic, personal, or emotional difficulties who may exhibit concerning behavior.  Please visit the CARE website for a more detailed list of resource concerns.

When will your CARE referral be reviewed?

Concerns are reviewed during normal business hours when GVSU is open. If your concern involves an immediate safety risk to self or others, please stop and call 911 immediately.

Who reviews the CARE referral?

Your concern is submitted to the Dean of Students Office, who works in conjunction with other offices, such as University Counseling, Housing & Residence Life, and the Student Academic Success Center, to form GVSU's CARE team. This group responds to non-emergency concerns and takes a proactive approach to discuss potential problems, intervene early, and develop appropriate courses of action for referred students. The goal is to support students who may be in distress, or whose behavior is of concern to others before situations rise to a level of crisis.

What will happen after you submit your CARE referral?

Depending on the circumstances, the Dean of Students Office may reach out to the student being referred. Staff will assist in connecting students with relevant resources across campus and provide outreach and follow-up as needed and when appropriate to promote student success. There may be circumstances where students are not reached out to by a member of the CARE team, but appropriate staff are always made aware of the concerns. Please note that someone from the CARE team will follow up with the reporting party only when additional information is needed. 

University Counseling Center: Self-Help Directory

A Toolkit to help you manage various issues during your time at GVSU

When you build new skills and learn how to apply them, you’re stocking your mental health toolkit with helpful ways to take care of yourself through life’s ups and downs. No one’s born knowing how to figure it all out. The more we learn, the better we can care for ourselves. We’ve divided the following resources into categories, so you can choose how to get started. Watch a video, read about common personal concerns, find helpful phone apps, or save links and info to revisit later.

Need further assistance? Call us at (616) 331-3266 or stop by the University Counseling Center office

University Counseling Center - Mental Health


  • Short-term teletherapy services are available to currently enrolled students. To schedule an appointment, call (616) 331-3266.
  • Phone consultations are available for students who want to discuss services or need assistance finding a community provider. Please call (616) 331-3266. Or, find more information about community providers at our community provider database.

Crisis Phone Consultation

  • Emergency phone consultations during office hours are available for all enrolled students.
  • For after-hours crisis consultations, visit our emergency site to utilize off-campus and national resources.

Office Hours

The UCC office in Allendale is staffed; however, we are not providing face-to-face services at this time.

  • While we are staffed, please call our office at (616) 331-3266 versus dropping by.
  • If you need to visit our center, you will be asked to wear a mask, maintain social distancing, follow current health and safety guidelines, and conduct a health screening. If you have any risk indicators from the health screening, we ask that you refrain from coming in and contact us over the phone.
  • If anyone refuses to follow the UCC health and safety guidelines, our staff will discuss your options such as telehealth or a referral to a community provider.

University Counseling Center - Workshops

Healthy Lakers Virtual Workshops

The purpose of self-guided virtual workshops is to share information and resources on various topics such as anxiety, depression, nutrition and neurotransmitters, self-compassion, stress management, grief, and art therapy.

The self-guided virtual workshops are NOT intended to be used as therapy/treatment for personal/mental health concerns

The self-guided virtual workshops are NOT intended to provide any information on COVID-19. You can find important information about COVID-19 on the Center for Disease Control's website

AOD - Alcohol & Other Drugs Services

College will allow you to have new experiences, make connections, and forge your own path. We are here to help. Our office can assist you with making informed decisions regarding alcohol and other drug use. We can also provide support for those who need help. Feel free to contact our office for more information and if you need help. 

Improving the well-being of the GVSU community: 

Our philosophy focuses on harm reduction and building awareness about making healthy and safe choices regarding alcohol and other drugs. Drinking behavior on campuses includes abstinence, safe and responsible drinking, binge drinking, and dangerous drinking. The needs of Grand Valley's campus community vary greatly, our programs focus on providing a variety of quality services in three main areas:

  • Prevention & Education
  • Intervention
  • Recovery

Want to learn more about our services? Contact Alcohol and Other Drug Services at (616) 331-2537 or visit the AOD website.

GVSU Student Academic Success Center

Student Academic Success Center

Welcome to the Student Academic Success Center (SASC). Our office provides student success services to assist students in achieving their educational goals.  I invite you to take advantage of the resources and opportunities available for you within our office. We look forward to working with you. Go Lakers!  

 -- Michael Messner, Director for Student Success Programs 

Grand Valley State University is committed to student success. We understand that student success can seem close to impossible without adequate access to basic needs. The campus community is committed to ensuring the success of our student population, and by helping to procure necessary care and assistance we hope to ensure Laker Wellness.

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