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GVSU Club Sports provides a team environment for students who are looking for a more competitive and intense experience than intramural sports.  Our over 40+ clubs offer opportunities in women’s, men’s, and coed sports teams.  Club Sports teams are run by students, for students, with the help of GV administrative staff and club-appointed coaches.

Each team competes under a national governing body and adheres to its regulations, policies, and rules of play.  Team schedules, dues, and travel requirements differ from sport to sport, but typically include practice 2-3 per week and 5-6 competitions per semester.  While many teams do hold tryouts, there are multiple teams who welcome new members (even with limited to no experience) year-round.  Check out each club’s individual webpage for details on membership and participation.

Getting involved with club sports is the best way to continue playing the sport you love and building a community here at GVSU.  Being a club sport athlete provides opportunities to meet new people, find a support system, and get involved in positions that develop career skills and resume builders.  Come join one of the best programs in the nation at GVSU Club Sports!! Anchor Up!

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Student Athlete Testimonials

8 womens rowing during an overcast day on a river with trees with no leaves in the background

"Rowing has completely changed my life. From willpower to motivation to diet choices, my life has become a healthier, more driven one. This is the best decision I have ever made."



"In my four years at Grand Valley the equestrian club was a huge part of my life, these people were part of my family. I loved being a part of the team and I would recommend a club sport to everyone who goes to Grand Valley.

"The club baseball program was a great way to continue playing competitive baseball at the next level. It helped build character and taught the importance of balancing school, social life, and sports."


"It was a lot of fun and I got to meet people, I otherwise would not have known. It really helped since I had just transferred from another school."

coach leaning in from the sideline to talk to a women's lacrosse player

"Participating in club sports at GVSU has been extremely beneficial and has led to unforgettable friendships. I have grown not only as a leader but also as a person. Playing alongside such a wonderful group of girls (as well as an amazing coach), led me to focus on my studies and strive to be a better athlete. I have learned a great deal from participating in club sports and am so exceptionally happy to have been given the chance to do so."



"It was the best decision I ever made to join rugby, I gained the best of friends, found a new sport, and it was an awesome stress reliever."

"One of the best experiences of my college career."

mens rugby player holding the ball running into the opposing team braced for impact. teammates running behind him to support
volleyball player finishing a hit with teammates surrounding him


"I came to GVSU because of the club gymnastics team. I have loved being on this team. It has made my GV experience more whole and well-rounded. I got to come into college experiencing so many new things, but also having gymnastics as my constant, something I had always loved."


"As a new freshman on the club team, they made me feel welcome and accepted. I had an amazing time working and playing with the girls on the team. It made me like GVSU, even more, knowing that I was a part of the team."

softball player crossing home plate with teammates cheering around her and all hands on her helmet

Prospective Athlete FAQ


Varsity Sports

  • Varsity sports must follow NCAA and GLIAC rules and regulations. Practices and games are mandatory and travel is required to play other universities. Some varsity sports might allow walk-on try-outs, while others purely recruit. Varsity sports often offer scholarships and are housed in the Athletic Department. Varsity sports teams have paid coaches, scholarships, and generally compete in the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. More information can be found at

Club Sports

  • Club sports provide students the opportunity to find community while continuing to compete in the sports they love or try new sports. The sports range from competitive to recreational. Some clubs have try-outs, but many are instructional and will teach members to play their sport. Clubs practice regularly throughout the academic year, compete against other institutions, pay dues, and focus on skill development. Club sports are student-run and provide officers the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of running an organization, budgeting, leadership, and management.

Intramural Sports

  • Intramural sports provide students, faculty, and staff the opportunity for competition and fun in a variety of team sports. On-campus leagues provide participants the chance to be both competitive and social, seasons typically last 4-6 weeks. Intramural sports are more recreational in nature than club sports. More information can be found at

All students who are enrolled in a minimum of one credit at GVSU is eligibile to participate.  However, league/conference/governing body eligibility rules may supercede this and have stricter requirements.  Please check with your specific club of interest, but a general guide is:

  • Meet all eligibility requirements stated in the individual team’s constitution.

  • Meet all eligibility requirements set forth by the league that the team competes in.

  • Most competitive team leagues require: Individuals must be enrolled as full-time undergraduate or graduate student at GVSU and consequently be taking the minimum number of credits required by the University to be considered full-time students.

Only recognized members may utilize club sports equipment, practice times, or participate in a competition. Faculty/staff and Alumni are NOT permitted to participate in club sports.

GVSU offers 40+ club sports separated into Men's, Women's, and Coed. For a complete list of club sports offerings please visit the teams webpage

It depends on the club. Our clubs strive to cater to all levels of participation and skill. Some clubs may have traveling squads in addition to members that simply wish to practice. For specific details about a club, contact the club email or coach of the club.

Contact information can be found on our team's page. 

Most clubs choose to charge annual or bi-annual membership dues in addition to fundraising and soliciting sponsorships and donations in order to assist with the operating costs of the club. The University does provide funding; however, this usually does not cover the entire costs of club operation including travel, equipment, officials, and/or league fees. Dues vary depending on the club, and it is solely the decision of the individual clubs on how much to charge its members. For specific details about a club's dues, please contact a representative for that club sport. Contact information found on the teams page.

This will vary on the sport and whether you are in season or not. Most clubs practice 2-3 times a week for about two hours and compete once per weekend during their competition season. Clubs determine the number of practices a member must attend. It is truly student first centered for each team so clubs will also be understanding and flexible if you need to miss something due to exams or anything academic related.

  • Utilize the Recruit Me tool.

  • Contact somebody from the club sport staff.

  • View the Team's page and contact a club officer or coach.

  • Attend Recfest, Campus Life Night, or Campus Life Night 2.0.

Some clubs are open to anyone who either wants to continue an activity they currently participate in or to anyone who wants to try a new sport. However, there are clubs that do hold try-outs due to their competitive nature and limited facilities. Typically, sports that hold try-outs will have cuts as well; some teams may not have cuts but have an A and B team. There may be a fee associated with the try-out. Contact clubs for tryout information or follow their instagram accounts.

Equipment requirements vary by sport. Some clubs may have equipment available, while other clubs may require you to bring your own. Contact a club officer directly for more information. 

All clubs are student-run and contain a president, vice president, risk management officer, treasurer, and public relations officer. Depending on the club, they may have more positions that are voted upon by the current club members.

There are additional leadership opportunities with the Club Sports Executive Council that includes an application process. This council is the administrative branch that deals with policies, procedures, funding, and all aspects related club sports.

We also are always looking for student staff to help run club sport home events and help with administrative work. Contact Club Sports Coordinator Andrew Rolls, [email protected], if interested in applying!

Our Resources tab at the top of the webpage has everything you would need for resources for athletes and clubs. Please visit those tabs to get more information.

Starting a club sport requires time and effort, but can be accomplished through the dedication of a small group of students. Please contact us at [email protected] if you and some friends are interested in starting the journey to becoming a club sport. We will set up an initial meeting to discuss requirements such as finding an interest group of 10+ students, identifying a national governing body, researching potential opponents, becoming a registered student organization, finding a faculty adviser, and creating a constitution.

If you are looking for more information give our office a call at (616) 331-1732 or email us at [email protected].

You can go to the Teams page and select the club sport you have interest in to view their team page. A lot of teams use their team page for updates.

You can also go follow their instagram account as most teams use their social media to give the most up to date news with events, tryouts, scores, etc. The instragram accounts can also be found on the team pages.

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