Club Sports Handbook

Club Sport Contact Information

D135 Recreation Center

1 Campus Dr. 

Allendale, MI  49401

Office Phone: (616) 331-1732

E-mail: [email protected]

Office Hours

During the academic year, the Recreation & Wellness office is open from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday on days when classes are in session. For hours when classes are not in session, including the summer, please call the Recreation & Wellness office at (616) 331-1732. 

All general questions, facility reservation requests, event requests, on-campus account balance requests, purchasing requests, and website/social media updates should be e-mailed to [email protected] before contacting professional staff member. 

Club Sport Administration

Title & Name

Office Phone


Assistant Director, Club Sports & Business Administration - Anna Tollefson


[email protected]

Club Sports Coordinator - Andrew Rolls 

(616) 331-9412

[email protected]

Associate Director - Mike Przydzial

(616) 331-3212

[email protected]

Office Coordinator - Jody Tenckinck 

(616) 331-1732

[email protected]

The Coordinator, Assistant Director, and Associate Director are primary contacts for all Club Sports. Prior approval of club activities including but not limited to: travel, event planning, logo usage and approval, budget expenditures, and facility reservations must be approved. Club Sports Administration is available for consultation regarding any aspect of your organization. 

Club Sports Administration can assist Club Sports with services and benefits that may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Program advising and leadership development
  • Budget preparation and presentation
  • Equipment purchase advising
  • Facility scheduling for practice, competition, and events
  • Team travel logistics 
  • Tournament planning

Club Officers should seek input from staff regarding any club issues or questions after reviewing this Handbook. Club officers can schedule an appointment or communicate via email or phone with Club Sports Administration to get connected with a staff member that can provide assistance. 

Please call the Recreation & Wellness front desk at (616) 331-1732 or e-mail [email protected] at least 24 hours in advance to make an appointment. See below for current Administrators by Sport to contact them directly.


Club Sport Officers will be held accountable for understanding and adhering to the policies and procedures outlined in this handbook, and for educating their members appropriately.

Club Sports at Grand Valley State University are Registered Student Organizations with oversight from the Recreation & Wellness department, administered by professional staff and student interns (referred to as Club Sports Administration). Clubs are responsible for assuming leadership activities including, but not limited to: scheduling, financial management, compliance with all policies and procedures of GVSU and the Recreation & Wellness department. A club sport is formed, developed, and governed by student membership of the organization. The key to success of our programs is: effective student leadership, interest, involvement, and participation. 

This handbook has been prepared to assist club sports in the administration of their program, and is designed to serve as a supplemental document to the RSO Handbook distributed by the Office of Student Life. For information regarding the Office of Student Life regulations and approval process, please see the Student Life website. Student officers of clubs need to become familiar with both handbooks to ensure successful operation of their team. Note that club sports, due to their unique status and risk inherent in their operations, must follow some policies that are different than those for other RSO's. Those policies will be highlighted in this handbook.

Situations involving Club Sport business or any activities not covered in either of these handbooks should be referred to and discussed with Club Sports Administration. Information in this handbook is subject to change by Club Sports Administration at any time, with notice. Clubs will be notified if any policy changes via e-mail, and this handbook will reflect those changes immediately. New policies, procedures, or changes made to this handbook due to unforeseen circumstances during the academic year shall be deemed official even though not printed in this publication. 

Club Sport General Policies

Active clubs must meet the following minimum requirements each academic year: 

  • Stay up-to-date on all required paperwork from Club Sports Administration. 
    • All participants must have a Club Sport Liability Waiver by completing their club sports official registration form.
    • Off-campus bank account statements with transaction details listed must be turned in at the end of each month to Club Sports Administration.
    • Recreation Travel Roster & Itinerary and Driver forms must be submitted before each travel event and for all drivers.
    • Must have an up-to-date constitution on file with Club Sport Administration.
  • Have a minimum of the following four (4) executive board members (all executive board members must be current GVSU students):  
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Financial Officer
    • Risk Management Officer
  • Have a MINIMUM of eight (8) active student members - This supersedes the requirement for RSO's to have 4 members. 
  • Have a MINIMUM of three (3) executive board members at the Fall Club Sport Meeting.
  • Have a MINIMUM of one (1) executive board member attend required Club Sport workshops per academic year. 
  • Have a team e-mail address for all official club correspondence with Club Sports Administration.  
  • Club members and participants must:  
    • Be enrolled as at least one credit hour at Grand Valley State University (please note that  competition requirements may differ based on leagues or conferences)
    • Have signed the Club Sport Liability Waiver and Participation Agreement by completing their club sports official registration form BEFORE participating.
    • Be on the club’s roster submitted to the Club Sports Administration.
    • Follow all league guidelines with student eligibility requirements.
    • Meet all the health and physical demands required by their specific sport.

Membership and all privileges, including voting and officer positions, must be extended to all students without regard to age, ethnicity, gender, disability, color, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation or veteran status. Although most clubs prefer to not limit membership, it is recognized that in certain cases (e.g., lack of facility space, league requirements, etc.) practical considerations must prevail. In those circumstances, only a certain number can realistically be accommodated for team practices and competition. When necessary, each club is responsible for working out a fair and equitable method for tryouts or limiting club membership.

Teams who are unable to fill at least all required officer positions (4) or active member minimums (8) during a semester are considered inactive. These teams may meet with the Associate Director of Recreation Wellness to discuss membership issues. Temporary approval may be granted if a membership plan is established, but inactive clubs must fill their E-Board within two semesters of first being inactive or the organization will be dissolved. Teams with less than 4 required student officers will be impacted by the following:

  • No funding from Club Sports or Student Life . 
    • This includes funding for coaches, facilities, competition fees, etc. 
    • Volunteer coaches in advising capabilities are permitted.
  • Move off-campus funds to the club's on-campus account.
  • No competitions or club/team travel permitted.
  • Cannot act as GVSU or a GVSU organization. 
    • No off-campus facility rentals 
    • No club/team purchases (apparel, league dues, equipment)
    • No hosting events 
      • On campus information meetings and recruiting efforts are permitted
  • Consulting and meeting with club sport administration and executive council committees is strongly encouraged.

Club Sport officers can expand their student development and become an elected member of the Club Sports Executive Council. The role of the Executive Council is to act as a liaison between all Club Sport organization members, Club Sports Administration, and GVSU Student Senate. The Executive Council meets bi-weekly during the fall and winter semesters. All meetings are open for anyone to attend. 

The Club Sports Executive Council acts on:

  • Budgetary decisions
  • Review of clubs and members
  • Interaction with professional staff
  • Policy development
  • Nominations for recognition awards
  • Event planning
  • And many more opportunities for leadership development!

Prospective clubs must first complete the process through the Starting a New Student Organization section of the Office of Student Life web page before being eligible to join the Club Sport Program. 

The requesting organization must have goals and objectives that align with the Recreation & Wellness mission and meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be a Registered Student Organization in good standing with the Office of Student Life.
  2. Must be approved by Club Sports Administration. 
    • The following factors are considered by Club Sports Administration when reviewing a new Club Sport application: 
      • No prior or similar club or program currently exists at the University.
      • Need of GVSU Athletic and Recreation facilities or off-campus facilities to participate in the activity.
      • Travel requirements and anticipated expenses per academic year.
      • A demonstrated desire from the student body to join and support this program.
      • Anticipation and opportunity to compete against other intercollegiate programs.
      • Sustainable plan in place to ensure longevity.

Note: The organization must not create a demand for resources (i.e. staffing, facilities or monetary) greater than which can be met by Club Sports Administration and the Department of Recreation and Wellness.

Coaches (Adjunct University Staff and Volunteer) are vital for several programs to ensure proper instruction is provided to athletes. Club Sports Administration will determine coaching needs annually based on risk, level of activity, travel, and other factors for each club.

Coaches may have an administrative role in club operations (at the discretion of the club’s Executive Board). Based on the structure of the club, coaches and officer responsibilities may vary, but coaches are encouraged to help students develop transferable life skills through empowering them to complete tasks and duties related to club operations. It is recommended that coaches meet with their club's Executive Board throughout the year to discuss goals, budgets, expectations and define roles. 

All university funded coaches are Grand Valley State University employees, hired by the Recreation & Wellness department. Club Executive Boards can recommend candidates or staffing changes, but the final hiring decisions are made by Club Sports Administration. Clubs who wish to pay their coach supplemental income must do so through their on-campus bank account.

All Volunteer Coaches must be reported to Club Sports Administration and have the proper paperwork submitted prior to any participation and instruction each year. Volunteers who are found coaching without prior submission of paperwork can result in sanctions to the club. 

Coaches are expected to comply with several requirements, and clubs are encouraged to help enforce the following:

  • All coaches (university funded or volunteer), and alumni who actively participate or are involved in the club’s activities must be registered in the University’s database as a Club Sports Coach.
    • University funded coaches must have a signed appointment letter and background check through the university. 
    • Volunteer coaches and active alumni must have a background check and volunteer profile, disclosure and consent on file prior to any participation or activity.
  • Coaching biographies and certifications may be required depending on the sport.

Paid and Volunteer Coaches may be dismissed by Club Sports Administration if they:

  • Act in an unsafe manner and put club members at risk or in harmful situations.
  • Overtake club leadership or jeopardize club finances, league standing, etc. 
  • Encourage club members to violate the Club Sport policies and procedures outlined in this handbook and by Recreation & Wellness staff.
  • Purposely cut communication lines or hide information from the Club Sports professional staff.
  • Sign agreements on behalf of the club or University (only the Club Sports professional staff can sign agreements/contracts)
  • Violate the University’s policy on hazing, sexual misconduct, drug and alcohol use. 

Club officers, members, and other coaches may contact Club Sports Administration with any concerns regarding their coach.

Club Sport organizations are student-run and managed organizations, where club business is the responsibility of each club’s student-leaders. The Club Sports Handbook is provided to help officers become better equipped for their experience, and to provide them with quick answers to common questions. 

We encourage all club members to learn about the responsibilities of club officers which include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Ensure the club has the organization and officers needed to successfully operate.
  • Maintain a current roster, waiver, and code of conduct for each member of the club.
  • Ensure all paperwork is being completed and submitted appropriately and on time.
  • Communicate policy changes, announcements, etc. from Club Sports Administration and Office of Student Life with all members.
  • Ensure risk managements policies are reviewed and upheld.
  • Plan appropriately for travel and work with Club Sports Administration in a timely manner.
  • Develop and present annual budgets and requests for allocation purposes.
  • Use social media and marketing strategies to grow interest for your club. 
  • Prepare and develop future club officers.
  • Seek out fundraising and community service projects for your club.
  • Stay connected and keep a database with alumni from your club.
  • Report all results to Club Sports Administration in a timely manner.

The following are a list of suggested duties for student leaders. Individual clubs should identify the responsibilities of each officer.

Competing clubs will most likely receive an eligibility form from their governing body, league, or conference to complete prior to each season. These forms should be completed to the fullest extent from the club, and must be submitted to Club Sports Administration for review. If the form is approved, it will be taken to the Registrar's Office for verification and mailed directly to the issuing organization. In order for an Eligibility Form to be approved. the following must be met:

  • Ensure that all participants listed on the roster are registered members of the club and students at GVSU.
  • Club submitting the form must be in good standing with Club Sports Administration.
  • The form must be submitted at least two weeks in advance to the required due date. 

Failure to meet these requirements may result in the form being submitted late to the issuing organization. Please note that the Registrar will not accept Eligibility Forms directly from a club representative.

Recommended Officer Responsibilities




  • Serve as the liaison with Recreation & Wellness and your club
  • Communicate all Club Sport policies and procedures to all club members
  • Seek approval for organization business. Examples: logo requests, large purchases, events, etc.
  • Responsible for completing and submitting required reports or forms
  • Attend the officer trainings
  • Responsible for attending and providing a club member at events, such as Live Eat RecFest and Campus Life Night
  • Responsible for managing the club e-mail account

Vice President 

  • Serve as the president in all duties as determined if the president is unable to do so. 
  • Assist the president in all duties as determined by the club
  • Assist with all travel planning and budgeting

Financial Officer

  • Keep accurate records of all club accounts and allocated funds
  • Responsible for submitting all budget requests and organizing the purchasing of equipment
  • Submit monthly off-campus account bank statements 
  • Assist president with selecting the dues amount at the beginning of the school year

Public Relations Officer

  • Submit all event schedules, results, and press releases
  • Maintain all documentation (notes, e-mails, and memos) of club meetings
  • Manage all social media pages

Risk Management Officer

  • Have CPR, First Aid, AED certification and report club injuries
  • Check safety standards of club equipment
  • Ensure all club members are familiar with the club's emergency action plan
  • Know all facility emergency action plans

Club Sport Financial Policies

Types of Club Sport Bank Accounts


  1. GVSU Agency Account that holds dues, payments, GV allocations, sponsorships, and earned money.
  2. GVSU Restricted Account that holds donations and gifts.


  1. Bank account at a financial institution for collecting dues and common operating expenses. 
    • This account is currently optional and will be moving to all on-campus accounts soon
    • Club Sports who mismanage funds may lose the privilege to request Executive Council funding.

On-Campus Bank Account Tips:

  • Allocations or awarded funds from the Club Sports Executive Council or Club Sports Administration will be deposited into Agency Accounts. Any unused awarded funds will be returned to the Club Sports designated fund at the end of each winter semester.
  • All expenses should be planned with proper invoices and W9s a minimum of two weeks in advance. 
  • Paying an individual: 
    • If the individual is a current GVSU employee, payment must be processed through HR with an appropriate contract and pay letter.
    • Students are not eligible for payments unless employed through Club Sports as an hourly employee.
    • If the individual is considered a game operations staff (i.e. official, announcer, scoreboard operator) they will need to be set up in Arbiter and will be paid directly. 
    • If neither of these is applicable (i.e. choreographers, photographers) and they are not requesting payment via a business invoice, an independent agreement for services performed, a W9, AND a Requisition/Purchase Order will need to be submitted and processed.
      • Please contact Club Sports as soon as you are aware these services will take place. 
  • Requisitions/Purchase Orders are required for any expense over $4,999 and must be set up prior to purchase. Multiple bids are required to be submitted for services at the time of Requisition/PO setup. A W9 must be submitted as well as an invoice for services. 
  • Clubs may use or check out a University Purchasing Card to pay for expenses from their Agency account. Check-out requires prior approval from a Club Sports Administrator and 24-hour notice. 
  • Booking travel (hotels, rental cars, flights) can take extra time and is restricted by availability. These should be communicated to Club Sports as early as possible.
    • Flights and rental cars should be booked directly through Club Sports. 
    • Clubs should find and reserve their own lodging and contact Club Sports for payments. 
  • Agency and Restricted funds cannot be used for cash advances, alcohol, furniture, IT equipment/hardware/software, gift cards, and a variety of other categories. Please see the "Restricted Purchases" section on the purchasing website for a full list. 

Clubs may need to deposit money into Agency Accounts from off-campus accounts to cover expenses as agency accounts cannot operate in a deficit starting the last month of each semester.

Off-Campus Bank Account Tips:

  • Coaches cannot be on this account, but are encouraged to be aware of the club's budget to assist with advising. Coaches cannot have any authority over the account under any circumstances.
  • At least two club officers are required to be on a club's off-campus account, and checkbooks/debit cards should only be handled by these two individuals.
  • Club Financial Officers are responsible for keeping details on all income and expenses on this account, including documentation.
  • Monies should be deposited within two days of receiving them.

Full information is located in the Appendix at the bottom of the page. 

Off-Campus Bank Account Requirements

Submitting Bank Statements

Club Sports are required to submit a monthly copy of their off-campus bank account statement by:

  1. Emailing [email protected] with a PDF of the statement.
  2. Dropping off the statement to the Recreation & Wellness Office Suite.
  3. Mailing statements to the Recreation & Wellness Office Suite. To mail in bank statements, club sports are encouraged to update their off-campus bank account address to:
    • Recreation Center D135, 1 Campus Dr, Allendale, MI 49401


In an effort to reduce contact, improve the safety of our students, faculty, staff, and increase security over transactions, GVSU will be converting to a cashless campus! Throughout the various phases in the graphic below, GVSU will no longer be accepting cash payments and will convert to the following payment options:

  • Credit Card
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • Tap-and-Go


  1. To improve the student experience.
  2. To reduce security risks for handling cash.
  3. To mitigate campus health and safety considerations.
  4. To streamline campus operations and enhance internal controls. 


For students and guests on campus, GVSU will have access to self-service Cash to Card Kiosk ATM kiosks that convert cash to prepaid cards! Cash can be converted to cards at kiosks in under 30 seconds! Cards can be loaded up to $500.00 and there are no fees to use each card.

Kiosk locations are currently being determined; this section will be updated with locations when fully implemented.


Yes, checks will be accepted as another form of payment. (except at food service)

More information on Cashless Campus, please visit the Business & Finance department website.

Individual Clubs are not classified as non-profit or tax-exempt entities and must make proper application to the Internal Revenue Service for its own tax-exempt status if interested in doing so. Club Sports Administration can assist with IRS applications, purchasing goods tax-free, or help with any other financial-related questions.

Please note that most student organizations will not qualify for non-profit tax-exempt status, but will still need a tax ID number to have an off-campus bank account. 

However, GVSU is tax-exempt and in-state purchases made with agency or restricted on-campus account funds MUST be tax-exempt. Please contact the Club Sports Administration PRIOR to making a purchase to ensure proper purchasing and documentation. 

Club Sports are expected to prepare, submit, and maintain an annual budget.  This will help clubs determine the amount of membership dues to collect and establish goals for fundraising efforts, giving campaigns, and funding requests.

Download our Budgeting Template

Common expenditures include:

  • League and Tournament Fees
  • Lodging
  • Vehicle or charter bus rentals
  • Fuel
  • Equipment
  • Apparel or uniforms
  • Supplemental coaching stipends

It is recommended that all expense receipts and documentation be kept in a secure envelope/folder or stored electronically.

All contracts must be signed by Club Sports Administration. Coaches and students are not permitted to sign contracts on behalf of the University.

All contractual service fees for officials, announcers, and other game day staff must be processed via Arbiter. Please contact Club Sports prior to the start of your season to set up these accounts. 

All contractual service fees for choreographers, speakers, instructors, or presenters must be processed using a contract and have a completed W9 from the individual providing the service. If funding is requested for this type of expense, it must be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to the scheduled event. 

Please note that recurring instructors must be contracted as a coach before providing supervision or oversight to a club. 

Purchasing Card Policies

Club Sports Administration can make card payments for clubs and the funds will come out of on-campus agency accounts.  This is the preferred method of payment for purchases under $4999.  Payments over $4999 need additional approval.

To make a credit card payment contact Club Sports with the following information,

  • What your purchase is and the reason for it
  • Invoice, website, or phone number of where to purchase with a card
  • Itemized receipt submitted within 24 hours if not available immediately after purchase

Certain categories of purchases are restricted via GVSU. View GVSU's Purchasing Card Policies Here

*Please see the appendix below for a chart of allowable expenses*

In certain situations, clubs may “check-out” preloaded declining value cards to make in-person purchases.  Should your club need access to a GVSU Purchasing Card for equipment, supplies, competition fees, or similar, please contact Club Sports Administration in advance to set up this option.

  • Itemized receipts are required for all purchases.  Failure to do so will result in the inability to check out cards
  • All Michigan purchases are tax exempt and MUST be followed

Examples of approved check-out situations

  • Credit card payment required onsite
  • Gas for rental vehicles
  • Team meals that can’t be prepaid
  • Rental vehicles with out-of-state pick up
  • Baggage fees at airport
  • Team supplies

Purchasing Via Check/Invoice

Purchases may include, but are not limited to tournament/league fees, uniforms, apparel, equipment, charter buses, etc…

This option can take up to 2 weeks to process.  Please submit the following in advance,

  • A dated and signed W9 from the company/organization
    • If the recipient is an individual please allow for extra processing time.  A Purchase Order must be put in place with finance prior to their services being rendered.
  • A fully completed invoice that includes the following information
    • Vendor/Club/Organization name
    • Your club name
    • Today’s date and date due
    • Itemized list of items with description and cost
    • Listed total cost
    • A line with “Remit To:” and the appropriate address

**Any purchases over $4999 require bids or informal quotes and a Purchase Order set up prior to any order.  Please contact club sports 3-4 weeks in advance of these purchases.

Purchasing via Cash or PayPal

In limited situations, Cash or PayPal can be used to make purchases.  Cash is the last resort and will only be approved in unavoidable or unique situations. 

PayPal purchases to a business/organization account with proper invoicing and receipts are allowed.  Club Sports Administration must make this payment for you.

**Please use this PURCHASING CHECKLIST to ensure you are completing all steps properly


The following categories can be deposited into on-campus Agency Accounts

  • Dues – checks, online payment form, card payment at RecWell Office
  • Tournament Hosting Entry Fees, Camps, Clinics, Tryout Fees – checks, CMS forms
  • Apparel – checks, CMS form
  • Fundraiser payout – checks
  • Sponsorships

Online payment forms can be customized to fit individual club needs.  Website and QR codes can both be provided.  Clubs must provide detailed information about the amounts due, payment plans or pay-in-full options. Debit & credit cards are both accepted for payments.  Each transaction has an average fee of 2.5% applied to the club’s agency account – not the purchaser.  Designated members can be provided access to responses/payment tracking.

Request an ONLINE FORM here

Checks have no fees and are deposited via Club Sports at the RecWell offices.  Receipts are provided to members to turn in to their club’s E-board as proof of payment.

The following categories can be deposited into on-campus Restricted Accounts

  • Donations and Gifts
    • Through checks turned into Club Sports or through direct giving links only.
    • These transactions will be tax exempt and donors be provided with receipt and tax information at the end of the year by University Development.

**Donations, under any circumstance cannot be used as student fees, dues, or for any items listed under Agency accounts.  Charitable giving is the only use for this account.

Club Sports Deposit CHECKLIST

Funding requests can be submitted HERE and will go live at the end of September

Who Qualifies

Funding requests may be submitted up to the week before the last Executive Committee meeting, which occurs the week prior to finals. Funding requests are available to all club sports who are not within a probationary period and are in good standing.

The total amount of funding available for requests will vary each year. 

Funding request categories are reviewed under the following timelines. Please plan and submit accordingly. 

  • Practice facility rental - October & November
  • Competition fees (league, conference, etc.) - November & December
  • All other requests - December through April
    • Teams with Nationals after April who wish to submit a funding request should do so prior to the end of the year based on estimated costs

Funding approval is at the discretion of the Club Sports Executive Committee and RecWell Administration based on the requesting club's current standing in the program, level of need, and demonstrated responsible oversight of finances. Clubs must be up-to-date on all administrative and operational requirements for their funding request to be considered. 

  • Club and individual registrations complete
  • Website up-to-date
  • Travel requests have been submitted on time
  • Budget and accounts are up-to-date

How to Request Funding

Club Sports Financial Officers may submit a Funding Request Form. After submissions are reviewed by RecWell Administration, approved requests are sent to the Club Sports Executive Committee to review at their next scheduled meeting.

Timeline for Requesting

  • If a check is required for payment, requests need to be submitted at least four weeks prior to an event.
  • If funding is needed for online or credit card payment, requests should be made at least one week prior to the next budget hearing (bi-weekly meetings of the Club Sports Executive Committee). 

Online Payment Collection Apps (Venmo, PayPal, Cash App, etc.)

Student organizations are permitted to utilize online payment collection apps for their off-campus accounts. It is not possible to connect these apps to on-campus agency accounts.

Within off-campus accounts they may be utilized for standard operations such as:

  • Payment collection from members for membership dues.
  • Reimbursements to organization members.
  • Payment for products.

Using an online payment collection app is at the discretion of each club sport. It is important to note, however, that Grand Valley State University and Recreation & Wellness are not responsible in any way for mismanagement of transactions. 

Student organizations may NOT utilize online payment collections apps for donations, gifts, or other transactions where the payee is looking for tax exemption status for their donation. Please contact Club Sports for access to your online giving page. For more information, see the Fundraising, Sponsorship, & Donation section below.

Online forms for the collection of dues, apparel orders, tournament entry collection, etc. can be set up for direct payments to your on-campus agency account. Please contact Club Sports if you would like an online collection form created. 


Fundraising efforts should be coordinated with a Club Sport Administrator to ensure proper compliance. Please see GVSU On-Campus Fundraising Guidelines for additional details, and below for Club Sport specific policies:

  • Fundraisers requiring a university W-9 form must have proceeds made out to GVSU and sent to campus for deposit into the club's on-campus bank account. Any proceeds a club chooses to deposit into their off-campus bank account must use the club's Tax EIN and cannot be considered a non-profit organization.
  • Fundraisers are not to be centered around alcohol, drug use, or any activity that reflects negatively on Grand Valley State, Campus Recreation, or the Club Sports program. 

Raffles/Millionaire Parties/Texas Hold Em' Poker

The State of Michigan regulates raffles and gaming, or any other kind of gambling, which requires advance registration with the State at least six (6) weeks in advance. If an organization is beginning to plan an event that involves gambling the organization should meet with a professional staff member in the Office of Student Life. The number of licenses the university has is limited and the application process requires a six-week lead time. Complete information about these regulations is available on the web at Michigan Lottery. Any license for gambling activity will need to be approved by the Director of Student Life and submitted to the Executive Officers of the University for final approval before sending to the State of Michigan. 


Donations must be coordinated through the Recreation & Wellness Department. Individual(s) or businesses can write a check out to “GVSU” and specify the organization to receive the donation/gift (i.e. Dodgeball Club).

Donations/Gifts can also be made through GVSU Annual Giving's Online Portal. Individual(s) or businesses can click "Other Fund" and search for the Club Sport's name. If you would like to start a giving campaign or have questions about donations/gifts, consult with Club Sports Administration.

Club Sports should NOT utilize online payment collections apps for donations, gifts, or other transactions where the payee is looking for tax exemption status for their donation. Club Sports do not qualify as 501c3 tax exempt entities and are not permitted to use Grand Valley State University’s tax exempt ID for this purpose.


Club Sport Risk Management Policies

Every Club should have an Emergency Action Plan in place for incidents that may occur when traveling, at off-campus facilities for practices/events, and other away competitions. Plans should range from following the policies and procedures of the host organization/facility to the club's plan to address the same items listed in the GVSU Emergency Procedure Manual below while traveling.

Action plans should be outlined in the club constitution and submitted during the annual registration process. 

GVSU Emergency Procedure General Plan

GVSU Emergency Procedure Manual

  • Reference for information concerning: 
    • Calling 911
    • Weather emergency
    • Medical emergency
    • Automobile injury/accident
    • Utility emergency
    • Fire
    • Assault/sexual assault
    • Psychological emergency
    • Suspicious letters and packages
    • Bomb threat
    • Active shooter/hostile intruder

Recreation & Wellness Severe Weather Policy

Club Sports are required to have one Executive Board Member who is named as their Risk Management Officer that is CPR/AED/First Aid certified. All paid coaches are also required to have current certification. Coaches should refer to the Coaches Manual for additional information. 

Students should use the link below to view and sign up for classes offered through Recreation & Wellness. 

CPR/First Aid/AED Class Schedule

All GVSU students have free access to the Trinity Health Injury Care Clinic on campus.

A full-time athletic trainer is available to club sports athletes at the Injury Care Clinic during office hours as well as official on-campus practices and competitions. Club Sport participants receive supplies and equipment at no additional cost. 

If not directly on site at your club's practice or event when an incident occurs, the athletic trainer can be reached at 616-295-5743. 

All Risk Management Officers must have current CPR, First Aid, and AED certifications on file and report all club injuries to Club Sports Administration. Risk Management Officers also oversee checking the safety of equipment and maintaining the club’s Emergency Action Plan. 

Risk Management Officer responsibilities may be determined by each club based on their needs, but must include the following:

  • Maintain current certification in adult CPR, First Aid, AED, and Concussion training from an approved provider and keep on file with Club Sports Administration.
  • Assess and monitor the safety of the environment in which the club participates, trains, competes, and/or practices. This includes notifying facility staff to have an injury report completed in any on-campus facility. 
  • Not allow the organization to participate in any activity without a Safety Officer present. 
  • Ensure all members of the club complete a liability waiver and are on registered on the club's roster.
  • Understand and comply with Travel Policies set forth by Club Sports Administration.

Facility Inspection’s Checklist

Outdoor and indoor facilities should be inspected for hidden hazards, debris (glass, rocks, cans, or pieces of metal), and cleanliness. If making a request for repair of an on-campus or leased facility, please contact Club Sports Administration

  • Debris or unused equipment shouldn’t be left in the gymnasium or on the field. It should be eliminated or stored.
  • Dangerous conditions must be remedied. A few examples include:
    • Freestanding water or high flood areas
    • Utility or manhole covers or obstructions on playing field/surface
    • Unstable bleachers
    • Sharp door edges
    • Areas that create unsafe traffic conditions
  • Swimming pools should meet local health standards and pool bottoms should always be clearly visible.


Role with injuries/accidents:

  • Minimize the occurrence of accidents and injuries through sound risk management practices
  • All auto accidents and major sport injuries should be documented and reported to Recreation & Wellness within 24 hours. Whether on-campus or off-campus.
  • If on-campus, be sure to follow the protocol for the activity space and notify the facilities supervisor immediately. All outdoor field and Kelly Family Sports Center injuries must be notified to the Kelly Family Sports Center staff. All Recreation Center and Field House Arena injuries must be notified to Recreation Center staff. 

Here are more detailed procedures:

For minor injuries:

  • A certified first responder may render first aid as required on the spot
  • DO NOT diagnose the injury to the victim, a bystander or staff
  • Contact any staff available nearby to fill out an Injury Report
  • Recommend the injured participant seeks assistance from the Injury Care Clinic or local hospital 

For injuries requiring additional medical attention:

  • Do not allow the injured party to go to a medical facility unescorted
  • DO NOT diagnose the injury to the victim, a bystander or staff 
  • Contact any staff available nearby to fill out an injury report

For emergencies requiring EMS response or ambulance transport (911 call):

  • Call 911
  • Explain the nature of the emergency and inform them that no EMT is on the scene
  • Give them clear and specific directions to the site
  • Provide the name, age, condition, and brief description of the injury
  • Designate someone to meet emergency personnel at the entrance to the building or field and guide them to the injured party. Designate someone to stay with the victim
  • Emergency personnel will be responsible for determining if and how the injured party shall be transported
  • Contact Recreation & Wellness at (616) 331-1732, once 911 has been called and leave a message if no one is available. 
  • DO NOT diagnose the injury to the victim, a bystander or staff
  • Contact staff available nearby to fill out an injury report

Club Sport Misconduct

If there is any indication that a club sport or its members are found to be in violation of the GVSU Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities (formerly known as the Student Code), Recreation & Wellness staff are obligated to report findings to the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution for further review. 

All students are encouraged to become familiar with the Student Rights and Responsibilities.

Club members who are found in violation of the Club By-Laws outlined in individual Club Constitutions are subject to the misconduct steps outlined in said Constitution. This may include restorative practices facilitated by the club executive board, coaching staff, Club Sports Administrative staff, and the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution. 

HAZING is any action taken or any situation created intentionally that causes embarrassment, harassment or ridicule and risks emotional and/or physical harm to members of a group or team, whether new or not, regardless of the person's willingness to participate.

GVSU policies on hazing can be found through this link.

Hazing incidents can be reported through this link. 

Club Sports in violation of internal policies unaffiliated to the Student Code are subject to review by Club Sports Administration, the Club Sports Executive Council, and may be subject to loss of privileges or required associated with the Club Sports program or required action. All appeals to the loss of privileges or required action must be submitted to the Associate Director of Recreation & Wellness within 72 hours of receiving notice. 

If violations persist, it may be deferred to the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution for further review.

Club Sport Travel Policies

A Club Sport trip is defined as any club or club members traveling outside of a GVSU facility (including on-campus and leased facilities) to participate in an event or competition while representing Grand Valley State University.

An Executive Board member from the club traveling must complete the Trip Request form within the requirements listed below. The Travel Request Form will require the following to be submitted:

  • Date and time of departure and return
  • Location and address of any stops
  • Roster and itinerary
  • Type of travel
  • Request rental vehicles if needed
  • Driver requirements
  • Hotels

Clubs are not to proceed with travel if their request is not approved by Club Sports Administration.

All members of the club are expected to review and adhere to the travel policies and procedures outlined in the following tabs. 

While on a trip, clubs are to follow all policies and procedures listed in the Club Sports Handbook, their Club Constitution, Club Sports Code of Conduct, and the GVSU Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities. If any accident or incident occurs while on the trip, please notify Club Sports Administration as soon as possible and/or call 911 when necessary.

All drivers must apply for approval through the Recreation & Wellness Authorized Driver form. All students driving university-owned, rental, or personal vehicles on behalf of Grand Valley State University must complete the procedures outlined below. Students must complete this process annually as all permissions expire at the end of each academic year. 

Students with 6 or more points or with special circumstances on their license will not be cleared to drive on behalf of GVSU during club functions.


  • Students ages 18 – 20 are ONLY permitted to drive sedans or mini-vans.
  • Students 21 years of age and older are permitted to drive all vehicles including 12 or 15 passenger vans (in /out of state).

All students (21 and older) that are driving a 12 or 15 passenger van must review the 12 – 15 Passenger Driver Awareness PowerPoint or video. Out-of-state students must obtain a copy of their driving record from the state issuing their driver’s license, and submit to GVSU DPS for review prior to requesting a trip. Unfortunately, we are not able to verify licenses outside of the United States.


DPS will verify licenses through the LEIN (Law Enforcement Information Network) System.  The Student Driver Checklist spreadsheet will be updated with Cleared (Yes / No) and DPS Expiration Date. The LEIN process/check will be updated weekly.

Any drivers (whether using personal or rental vehicles) on student organization trips must be cleared by the DPS as an authorized driver. Students who will be driving must be approved by going to DPS and presenting their driver's license. It is advised that students who anticipate going on trips with their club complete this at the beginning of the academic year.

All drivers are individually responsible for any traffic violations, tickets, etc., and will be expected to pay applicable fines.

Only GVSU students and faculty/staff may travel on behalf of their Club Sport. The Student Life Fund only covers GVSU student travel expenses. Allocated funds may not be used for food expenses.

All participants traveling on behalf of Grand Valley State University are expected to represent the University, Division of Student Affairs, the Department of Recreation & Wellness, and Club Sports to the fullest extent. 

Participants will adhere to all GVSU conduct policies, league/governing body conduct policies, as well as any regulations and/or laws of the trip location(s). Violating rules of conduct or the law may result in arranging for alternative travel plans back to the university at the individual(s) expense. Participants may also be subject to university judicial proceedings if reported to the Dean of Students office.

Rental Vehicles & Personal Vehicles

Rental Vehicles may be requested through the Travel Request Form, and should be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the trip or event, if not earlier. Rental vehicles are first come, first serve, and are subject to Enterprise inventory availability.

Rental Age Requirements

  • 18 and older: Standard rental vehicles
  • 21 and older: 12-15 passenger vans
  • 25 and older: Trucks or luxury SUVs

Personal vehicles can be driven on team travel, although they are the least preferred option. Personal vehicles must also have up-to-date registration and insurance. Gas for personal vehicles must either be out of pocket or are subject to mileage reimbursement. 

Clubs that have members that require overnight parking for a trip must request parking permits from Club Sports two weeks in advance. Requests can be made using Club Sports Overnight Parking Request

Out of State Vehicle Rentals

Out-of-state rentals can be reserved if a club is flying to another state or country and needs to reserve a vehicle. Clubs must contact Club Sports to reserve vehicle(s) out of state at [email protected]. Drivers must be 25 years of age or older on out-of-state rentals, so charter buses at the airport are preferred. Enterprise may waive this age requirement for an additional fee.

Charter Buses

Charter buses may be arranged and are the preferred method of travel for Club Sports for various reasons. Approved Charter Bus vendors and their contact information can be found on GVSU's Procurement Services Site. Contact Club Sports Administration if you need additional help.


Air travel can be a convenient and sometimes less expensive method of travel. Contact Club Sports Administration to assist with finding the best prices. Club Sports Administration is required to purchase plane tickets on behalf of the team with the Club Sports Purchasing Card. On-campus funding from both agency or restricted funds may be used to pay for flights.

Rental vehicles must be returned with a full tank of fuel and be clean of all trash, equipment. and belongings. Fines may be assessed if they are returned otherwise. 

Any drivers (whether using personal or rental vehicles) on student organization trips must be cleared by the Department of Public Safety as an authorized driver as outlined in the Student Driver Procedures.

All drivers are individually responsible for traffic violations or tickets and will be expected to pay associated fines.

If a club is involved in a vehicle breakdown or accident, please refer to your Vehicle Rental Confirmation Letter for emergency contact information and contact Club Sports Administration ([email protected]) within 24 hours of the accident. 

Clubs should research and reserve lodging that works with their event, location, and budget. Please contact Club Sports Administration if your organization needs help with organizing lodging needs. Airbnb's are not approved for payment of university funds and are considered out-of-pocket expenses.

Clubs are expected to comply with the following:

  • Arrangements are not to exceed the room(s) established maximum capacity. 
  • Room assignments must be made with same-gendered participants.
  • Coaches are not to share a room with a participant/club member.

To use on-campus funds to pay for lodging please submit the hotel's specific "Credit Card Authorization Form" via the Travel Request Form two weeks prior to departure.

Any issues with lodging must be reported to Club Sports Administration within 24 hours of occurring. 

Approved Travel Requests allow for a Class Absence Letter to be made for the participating club. Please contact Club Sports Administration if you need a Class Absence Letter at least two weeks prior to departure. This letter serves only to notify professors of absence, and is the responsibility of each student to complete all work and discuss their absence with professors. 

Letters will not be created for a club without an approved Travel Request and notification within two weeks of departure. 

To request a letter please e-mail [email protected] with a list of students attending, dates of departure and return, and the name/location of the event. Students listed must have individual registration and eligibility forms complete in order to be added to the letter.

Before departing for an approved travel, contact the host institution or site to determine arrangements have been made to assist in dealing with injuries. If there are no established arrangements, clubs should determine their own procedures (i.e. location of nearest hospital or medical center). 

If an injury is beyond the care or certification of any individual(s) on site, have the individual transported to the nearest emergency room or urgent care available. It is recommended that a qualified service (i.e. ambulance service) be used to transport the injured participant. All expenses incurred for treatment, transportation to hospital and hospital bill are the responsibility of the injured participant. Clubs should rely upon the recommendation of the attending physician as to whether the injured participant can be transported back to campus, and what accommodations to use (i.e. university vehicles). 

All injuries requiring medical treatment or a 911 call should be reported to Club Sports Administration ([email protected]) within 24 hours of the event.

Club Sport Logo Guidelines & Ordering Apparel

Requesting Use of Logo

All use of artwork using GVSU intellectual property or representing a GVSU Club Sports organization must be requested for approval by Club Sports Administration. Please use the Apparel Request Form to submit.

Once your design has been approved, please work with the design team from one of our preferred vendors to create artwork or logos. Preferred vendors have a copy of our brand book that contains all program and individual club logos with guidelines on proper use.

Club's are not permitted to create their own logos without following the policies below or the Grand Valley State University Institutional Marketing policies. 

GENERAL GUIDELINES for the Athletics "GV" Logo 

  1. Items must clearly identify their sport name and word CLUB (e.g. Dodgeball Club) unless the logo is used by itself on an apparel item or competition uniform. 
    1. Both the sport name and word “club” must be clearly visible in relation to the logo. 
      1. The use of nicknames for individual clubs are permitted, but does not  suffice for clear identification.
  2. Plumber’s Gothic (BOLDItalicized, and in ALL CAPS) font or the College (BOLD, ALL CAPS) font must be used on all printed items for the club’s name. 
    1. Numbers and athlete names on jerseys and uniforms must also use these fonts.
    2. Any additional text is permitted and can be printed in any font.
  3. Sport specific graphics may be used with this logo, but must include the sport name and the word CLUB. Sport specific graphics must be approved by Recreation & Wellness before use.  
    1. Graphics cannot be behind or on top of the university logo. 
  4. Use of the words “LAKER” or “LAKERS” is permitted if there is a clear connection with the university, and must be used in conjunction with GVSU®, Grand Valley State®, Grand Valley State University® or one of the approved GVSU athletic logos. 
    1. Any use or resemblance to Louie the Laker is not allowed on any item.
  5. Alterations of any kind or recoloring are not permitted.
  6. Sponsors cannot be displayed in conjunction with this logo.
  7. Items with this logo cannot be sold for fundraising purposes (i.e. parent/alumni online store).

GENERAL GUIDELINES for the Club Sports "GVSU" Logo

  1. Items do not need to display the word “club” next to a sport’s name, unless there is a varsity counterpart at GVSU (e.g. Softball). 
    1. This logo may also be used alone on apparel items or competitive uniforms.
  2. Plumber’s Gothic (BOLDItalicized, and in ALL CAPS) font or the College (BOLD, ALL CAPS) font must be used on all printed items for the club’s name. 
    1. Numbers and athlete names on jerseys and uniforms must also use these fonts.
    2. Any additional text is permitted and can be printed in any font.
  3. The use of nicknames for individual clubs are permitted with this logo, with approval from Recreation & Wellness. 
  4. Sport specific graphics may be used with this logo, but must include the sport name and the word CLUB. Sport specific graphics must be approved by Recreation & Wellness before use.  
    1. Graphics cannot be behind or on top of the university logo. 
  5. Use of the words “LAKER” or “LAKERS” is permitted if there is a clear connection with the university, and must be used in conjunction with GVSU®, Grand Valley State®, Grand Valley State University® or one of the approved GVSU athletic logos. 
    1. Any use or resemblance to Louie the Laker is not allowed on any item.
  6. Alterations of any kind or recoloring are not permitted.
  7. Sponsors may be displayed in conjunction with this logo.
  8. Items with this logo can be sold for fundraising purposes through approved vendors.


Violations will be subject to review by Institutional Marketing, the Student Organization Review Board, Recreation & Wellness Staff, and the Club Sports Executive Board. Sanctions may include: fines, suspension or cancellation of facility reservations, revocation of recognized registered student organization status, and immediate confiscation of non-conforming merchandise with replacement costs charged to the offending club.

Cub Sports Logo Files

  1. Full Color GVSU Club Sports Logo
  2. White GVSU Club Sports Logo
  3. Black GVSU Club Sports Logo

All vendors must be licensed through the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) in order to print GVSU trademarks. 

Club Sports get access to 40% off MSRP for all Adidas apparel and equipment. Visit Adidas Team Catalogs and send order information to Annette Stromberg at [email protected]. All items are blank and need to be taken to a vendor for screen printing or embroidery. 

Please note that inventory levels may not be accurately reflected online, and shipping times may be delayed. When orders are received, club on-campus bank accounts will be charged for the total amount due.

Club Sport Facilities & Hosting Event Information

Club Sport organizations are required to maintain facilities and abide by the policies put in place for facility usage. Individual policies for each Athletic and Recreation Facilities can be found at the GVSU Sports Facilities Webpage.

Reserving Facilities

Reservations for any facility for a club sport organization must be done through Club Sports Administration by e-mailing Anna Tollefson, [email protected] .

Requests for recurring regular practices and tentative fall events are to be submitted by July 1st. Failure to do so may result in loss of practice/event times. Recurring and event requests for Winter Semester are to be submitted by November 1st. Please be sure to note the name of your club, start/end dates, and if your practices are reoccurring through the semester.

No Shows

A No Show is defined as;

  • A club not notifying the Recreation & Wellness staff that the club will not be using the facility reserved. 
    • In an emergency, clubs should notify club sports administration
  • A club holding a practice with less than 5 members.

Off-campus groups will be handled case-by-case basis by the Executive Coucil and Recreation & Wellness Administrative staff. 


ALL CANCELLATIONS MUST be made AT LEAST 24 HOURS prior to the event by contacting Club Sports Administration.

  1. Cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance of the event date will be considered “NO SHOWS” (for any weekend/holiday booking, the cancellation notice will be made no later than 3pm to Recreation & Wellness on the last business day prior to the weekend/holiday period or status will be “NO SHOW”)
  2. To avoid the “NO SHOW” status for the short notice cancellation, you can leave a voicemail or send an e-mail to [email protected]
  3. Any “NO SHOW” with reserved space will be charged a $50.00 fee.
  4. Please be aware that space is limited and your absence will affect other departments and student organizations. 
  5. Repeat offenders and those who give less than the required notice of cancellations may be subject to loss of future scheduling privileges.
  6. Athletic & Recreation Facilities and Recreation & Wellness reserves the right to relocate your meeting/events.
  7. Organizations that do not properly cancel a reservation may also be subject to pay for costs associated with athletic trainer coverage, game operations staff, etc. 

If a club is hosting an event off Grand Valley’s campus, and the host facility requires a Certificate of Insurance, the club should request a Certificate of Insurance (COI) from Club Sports Administration at least two weeks prior to the event. To request a COI, organizations must e-mail [email protected] with the following:

  1. Club name
  2. Date(s) of rental
  3. Location time
  4. Address of location
  5. Time(s) of event(s)
  6. Name(s) of other school(s) or university(s) participating
  7. Copy of rental contract
  8. GVSU contact person for event (organization president or coach)

Please note:  Anything outside of the normal activities for a club will not be approved.  In that case, insurance may be purchased by the club through the following link or alternative insurance provider.

Risk Management Renters Insurance and Special Events Insurance

Club Sports hosting on-campus events that involve unchaperoned minors who are not GVSU students must follow the University's Minors on Campus Policy. This includes camps, clinics, and practice tryouts/workouts.

A list of all workers, volunteers, coaches, etc. are due to Club Sports Administration at least one month prior to planning an event that involves minors for background checks.

All on-campus competitions must include a GVSU Club Sport. The only exception to this policy is if a scheduled tournament or "play-day" is taking place. Opposing teams who are interesting in using a GVSU facility must reserve the space through the Athletic & Rec Facilities department. If a Club Sport would like to "host" a neutral site game for opposing teams, they will be responsible for 100% of the cost for staff and athletic trainers. 

Any tournament or event both on or off campus must be requested to Club Sports Administration within one month of the event. Representatives from the club must schedule a meeting with Club Sports Administration within two weeks of the event to ensure that all logistics are covered and to review schedules, tournament packets, and equipment and staffing needs.

Please note the following:

  • This does not include competitions against single opponents.
  • The GVSU Rec Center is unavailable for hosting tournaments, except for events in the South Gym only.
  • Approval of events is always subject to facility/staff availability.

Please refer to information within the Parking Services web page when planning to host an event. Club Sports Administration is not responsible for any citations for violating parking rules and regulations. If your event falls within regular permit hours, contact your Administrator to submit an Event Parking Request Form or to obtain Guest Permits.  

Recreation & Wellness will provide the following personnel/support:

On-Campus Home Events

  • Athletic Trainer 15 minutes before event start time until end of the event.
  • Student Supervisor 30 minutes before event start time until end of the event.

Off-Campus Home Events

  • Athletic Trainer 15 minutes before event start time for any sport involving contact until end of the event.
  • Student Supervisors by request only. Please send any request for staffing to [email protected].

Club Sport Marketing & Promotions

Club Sport organizations cannot manage their own website. All clubs must use the provided GVSU site as their official website.

Campus Life Night

Campus Life Night is a great way to learn about the over 300 registered student organizations on campus, campus resources, and local businesses and non-profits. Campus Life Night is a great event for member recruitment and promotion of your club. This event is solely managed by the Office of Student Life. All communication about this event should be sent to Student Life Staff

Club Planned Events

Any events outside of regular competitions, practices, and workouts should be reviewed with Club Sports Administration prior to planning to ensure proper accommodations and policies are able to be met. 

Media Inquiries

Club Sport participants, coaches, or any affiliates are not permitted to speak with outside media without prior approval from Club Sports Administration. If you or a member of your club is contacted by a media representative outside of GVSU, please refer them to reach out to club sports staff. 

Press Releases

Clubs are responsible for submitting content to Club Sports Administration to post on the Club Sports Website. This may include special announcements, results, or information about upcoming events. Keep in mind that Club Sports Administration cannot post information that is not clearly communicated.

Clubs are encouraged to use social media to help raise awareness about their team, promote upcoming events, and highlight results. To ensure clubs are compliant with social media use, they must follow the policies below:

  • Must use graphic that meets logo guidelines as outlined in the Club Sport Logo Guidelines & Ordering Apparel section.
  • Must have the word "CLUB" on the account name (i.e. GVSU Dodgeball Club, not GVSU Dodgeball)
  • Do not post content that would harm GVSU's reputation.
  • Be professional, respectful, positive, and appropriate with all content posted.
  • Avoid content that may be considered objectionable or inflammatory. 
  • Must have a disclaimer in the bio/about section that includes "Official account for the (sport) Club. Content is not an official representation of Grand Valley State University".

Teams are encouraged to take time to review appropriate social media use with all participants prior to each season. Club Sports Administration reserves the right to remove any content deemed inappropriate at any time.

To request headshots and team photos, please reach out the Promotions Office. There is a small fee, but can be paid with on-campus funds. 


On-Campus Agency Account Tips




Coach, trainer, or instructor pay

Hotels, rental vehicles, fuel for rental vehicles, airfare (must be booked through GVSU), mileage on personal cars

Reimbursements of any kind

Louie's Locker Room orders (GVSU Adidas)

Uniforms, equipment, supplies

Personal member or coach expenses (personal clothing, supplies, equipment, rent, credit card payments, etc.)

Enterprise rentals, charter buses

Tournament and league fees, officials and game operation staff (via Arbiter)

Seed money for fundraising

Practice facility rental fees

Team meals, coach recruiting expenses

Furniture, office supplies, IT items

Large equipment purchases


Gift cards or items that are to be given away or donated


Alcohol, drugs, or tobacco products/paraphernalia 


Large equipment purchases (boats, trailers, etc.)


Gas for personal cars


Please see "restricted purchases" on the purchasing site for more details

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