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Club Sport Contact Information

D135 Recreation Center

1 Campus Dr. 

Allendale, MI  49401

Office Phone: (616) 331-1732

E-mail: [email protected]

Office Hours

During the academic year, the Recreation & Wellness office is open from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday on days when classes are in session. For hours when classes are not in session, including the summer, please call the Recreation & Wellness office at (616) 331-1732. 

All general questions, facility reservation requests, event requests, on-campus account balance requests, purchasing requests, and website/social media updates should be e-mailed to [email protected] before contacting professional staff member. 

Club Sport Administration

Title & Name

Office Phone


Assistant Director, Club Sports & Business Administration - Anna Tollefson


[email protected]

Club Sports Coordinator - Andrew Rolls 

(616) 331-9412

[email protected]

Associate Director - Mike Przydzial

(616) 331-3212

[email protected]

Office Coordinator - Lisa Sak

(616) 331-1732

[email protected] 

The Coordinator, Assistant Director, and Associate Director are primary contacts for all Club Sports. Prior approval of club activities including but not limited to: travel, event planning, logo usage and approval, budget expenditures, and facility reservations must be approved. Club Sports Administration is available for consultation regarding any aspect of your organization. 

Club Sports Administration can assist Club Sports with services and benefits that may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Program advising and leadership development
  • Budget preparation and presentation
  • Equipment purchase advising
  • Facility scheduling for practice, competition, and events
  • Team travel logistics 
  • Tournament planning

Club Officers should seek input from staff regarding any club issues or questions after reviewing this Handbook. Club officers can schedule an appointment or communicate via email or phone with Club Sports Administration to get connected with a staff member that can provide assistance. 

Please call the Recreation & Wellness front desk at (616) 331-1732 or e-mail [email protected] at least 24 hours in advance to make an appointment. See below for current Administrators by Sport to contact them directly.


Club Sport Officers will be held accountable for understanding and adhering to the policies and procedures outlined in this handbook, and for educating their members appropriately.

Club Sports at Grand Valley State University are Registered Student Organizations with oversight from the Recreation & Wellness department, administered by professional staff and student interns (referred to as Club Sports Administration). Clubs are responsible for assuming leadership activities including, but not limited to: scheduling, financial management, compliance with all policies and procedures of GVSU and the Recreation & Wellness department. A club sport is formed, developed, and governed by student membership of the organization. The key to success of our programs is: effective student leadership, interest, involvement, and participation. 

This handbook has been prepared to assist club sports in the administration of their program, and is designed to serve as a supplemental document to the RSO Handbook distributed by the Office of Student Life. For information regarding the Office of Student Life regulations and approval process, please see the Student Life website. Student officers of clubs need to become familiar with both handbooks to ensure successful operation of their team. Note that club sports, due to their unique status and risk inherent in their operations, must follow some policies that are different than those for other RSO's. Those policies will be highlighted in this handbook.

Situations involving Club Sport business or any activities not covered in either of these handbooks should be referred to and discussed with Club Sports Administration. Information in this handbook is subject to change by Club Sports Administration at any time, with notice. Clubs will be notified if any policy changes via e-mail, and this handbook will reflect those changes immediately. New policies, procedures, or changes made to this handbook due to unforeseen circumstances during the academic year shall be deemed official even though not printed in this publication. 

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