Self-Help Directory

A Toolkit to Help you Manage Various Issues during your time at GVSU

When you build new skills and learn how to apply them, you’re stocking your mental health toolkit with helpful ways to take care of yourself through life’s ups and downs. No one’s born knowing how to figure it all out. The more we learn, the better we can care for ourselves. We’ve divided the following resources into categories, so you can choose how to get started. Watch a video, read about common personal concerns, find helpful phone apps, or save links and info to revisit later.

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Community Providers

Our Community Provider database includes mental health providers in West Michigan who are interested in working with GVSU students


Unique diversity resources and tools to assist you in celebrating your unique identity and becoming an advocate.

Mental Health Online Screening

Have concerns? Take an online Mental Health Screening to help you decide if symptoms you're experiencing require further assistance.

Online workshops

Self-guided online workshops to help you understand topics such as anxiety, depression, and stress.

Personal Concern Directory

Get self-help for personal concerns with resources and tools on a variety of topics, including grief, anxiety, body image, and anger.

Relaxations Resources

Searching for tools to calm a hectic mind? Explore relaxation resources that offer mindfulness, meditation, and deep breathing tools to help you achieve results.

Self Help applications

This list of self-help phone applications will allow you to take mindfulness, meditation, and other tools on the go.