Announcing the Annual Out-of-the-Box Events!

2019 Out of the Box events

Out-of-the-Box Metacognition starts on March 12, 2019


CLAS Faculty Council Out-of-the-Box series, in cooperation with partners campus-wide, will host a set of talks on March 12 by Dr. Saundra McGuire. Dr. McGuire is a nationally recognized expert on metacognitive strategies in teaching. There will be three presentations throughout the day: a presentation in the Cook-DeWitt Auditorium from 9:00-10:30 open to faculty and students, a presentation over the lunch hour for students only sponsored by OURS, and a presentation in the Eberhard Center 2nd floor from 2-3:30pm open to faculty and students.

Following these presentations, Faculty Council will sponsor a series of open meetings to discuss metacognition and seek input from faculty for a series of continuing discussions next year.  Please register for the session you will attend! [coming very soon]

Monday March 25 10-11am in KC 2266

Tuesday March 26 10-11am in KC 2266

Wednesday March 27 3-4am in PAD 308

Thursday March 28 2:30-3:30am in PAD 308


More on Metacognition 

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2018 Collaborative Teaching--Building an Effective Collaboration

Session One: Tuesday, February 6, 2018 from 11 AM to 1 PM 2215/2216 KC

Session Two: Wednesday, February 7, 2018 from 11 AM to 1 PM 2270 KC

Collaborative teaching benefits both students and faculty when disciplinary problems and perspectives are effectively integrated. While co-teaching is the most recognizable form of collaborative teaching, there are numerous other models that entail varying levels of collaborative practices. But it is often difficult to know where to start…

At this year’s Out of the Box workshop, the Faculty Council and FTLC will help interested faculty navigate the challenges involved in building an effective collaboration that successfully integrates different disciplinary and pedagogical approaches.

  Collaborative Teaching    

   Models Include:

  • Co-teaching—sharing instructor duties in the same class
  • Co-requisite—linking two separate classes where students enroll in both
  • Cross-listing—two separate classes that meet at the same day/time and occasionally meet together
  • Guest lectures—adding expertise to the topic either in person or as a digital guest
  • Combined assignments—students in two separate classes collaborate on joint assignments as part of their course requirements
  • Workshops/conferences—students share presentations in other classes
  • And so many more!

Lunch provide.

Sponsored by the CLAS Deans' Office                                                                      2018 brochure

2017 The Many Facets of Collaborative Teaching Out of the Box Workshops Presented by CLAS Faculty Council

Are you interested in a change of pace and novel approaches to teaching?  This Out of the Box workshop hosted by CLAS Faculty Council provides an opportunity to meet colleagues with eclectic approaches to teaching collaboratively across a range of disciplines.  Enjoy a meal, share your interests, ask questions and brainstorm about practical ways to implement high-impact learning opportunities for students.  It's easier and more rewarding than you think. 

Dates held:

Session 1 --3/20/17, 11:30-1:00 or

Session 2--3/21/17, 11:30-1:00

Sponsored by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

OOTB 2016-- Out of the Box and Beyond the Margins-Connecting with the modern student

This winter 2016 OOTB was preceded by a "Book club" discussion.

Kristen Renn and Robert Reason, College Students in the United States: Characteristics, experiences and outcomes, 2012

College Students in the United States accounts for contemporary and anticipated student demographics and enrollment patterns, a wide variety of campus environments and a range of outcomes including learning, development, and achievement. Throughout the book, the differing experiences, needs, and outcome of students across the range of "traditional" (18-24 years old, full-time students) and non-traditional (for example, adult and returning learners, veterans, recent immigrants) are highlighted. The book is organized, for use as a stand-alone resource, around Alexander Astin's Inputs-Environment-Outputs (I-E-O) framework.

The Dean's office purchased the books for the first 20 Faculty interested in participating.

OOTB 2016 outcomes:

  • Creation of webpage resource to help faculty direct distressed students to appropriate resources
  • Tips in CLAS Acts with reference to articles on the Blackboard site and related articles (see these issues): 

    CLAS Acts November 2016

  • CLAS Acts October 2016

    CLAS Acts July 2016

    CLAS Acts June 2016

    CLAS Acts May 2016                                    Newsletters are archived here