Making a quick transition to remote teaching? Don't forget these.

  • Phone forwarding and out of office message
  • Computer including all cables, any peripherals for cameras, microphones, dongles, memory card readers
  • Taking a desktop computer?  Take a photo of how all the cables plug in.
  • Books and other materials needed for each course
  • Special lighting for making videos
  • Building key
  • Any perishable foods
  • Water plants
  • Mobile phone recharging cable
  • Ergonomic equipment 
  • Update student workers on possible remote work
  • Unplug electronics remaining in office that aren’t needed for remote work
  • Anything you need to print out that is hard to read on-screen?
  • Anything you ought to scan?
  • Are you taking everything you'd need to prepare for next term's courses?

Page last modified May 12, 2022