GVSU has multiple layers of advising resources for your use.  Once you have declared a major you will be assigned a faculty advisor, or you may request a particular faculty advisor (see advising FAQs).  Your faculty advisor will have office hours for you to drop by, but it is always best to schedule an appointment in advance.  Your faculty advisor can assist you understand and meet course requirements, discuss research, internships, graduate school, and career options with you.  It would be advisable to meet with your faculty advisor at least once per year, more as is needed.

You can use myPath to track your progress towards graduation.  Many faculty advisors will make use of it during advising.


Advising FAQ's:

Advising Guides:

Pre-Veterinary Advising information

College of Education – Undergraduates
This College of Education link provides information on teacher preparation programs for students interested in secondary education careers.

Lab work

CLAS Academic Advising Center
The College of Liberal Arts and Science Academic Advising Center goal is to help any student working towards a major or minor in CLAS.  Their professional advisors can assist you with meeting general requirements for any CLAS major or minor. 

Student Academic Success Center
The Student Academic Success Center (SASC) coordinates student success services for undecided and pre-major students, transfer students, first generation college students, and student athletes.

Tutoring and Academic Support
Use this link to request tutoring or an academic coaching appointment through the Student Academic Success Center.

Zoo research

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