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Pre-Veterinary Club

CLAS Pre-Veterinary Advising

You will find a career overview, veterinary school fact sheets, and information on the application process and admissions testing, among other things on the CLAS web page.

CLAS Pre-Veterinary Curricular Guide

You will need to scroll down to ‘Veterinary’ on this CLAS page, and you will need to know your catalog year to identify the correct guide for you.  Students may always move forward in catalog year, but once doing so, you can not go back to an older catalog.

Pre-Veterinary Advising Tips 

For her Honor's Thesis, Samantha Super produced these tips for students and academic advisors based on surveys she conducted in fall 2020.

Parallel Planning

Parallel planning is a way to plan for admission to veterinary school, and also preparation for a related career if you decide not to become a veterinarian. Click here to view the presentation given by Meghan Veltri, Assistant Director of the Career Center, and Alexis Schewe, Senior Academic Advisor of the CLAS Advising Center.


Online Animal Nutrition Courses

If you plan to apply to a college that requires an animal nutrition course, you may want to consider taking an online course.  Below are several universities that offer such courses.


Pre-Vet club

Other Resources

Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges
The home page for this organization.  The link to public data may be of interest to you and includes data on student enrollment, diversity, applicant data, and tuition and debt.

Veterinary Medical School Admission Requirements (VMSAR)
This directory allows you to browse, search, sort, and compare information about U.S., Canadian, and International Veterinary Medical Schools. As you go through the process of selecting where you may want to go for veterinary school, another great resource is the AAVMC Cost Comparison Tool.

Guide to Veterinary School Requirements
This is a summary of course prerequisites for all AAVMC member institutions.  The summary table on page 4 provides a nice visual summary of these requirements by member institution.

College Descriptor Pages
A set of links to the individual member institutions detailing their admissions requirements.

Vet School Bound
You don’t need to do all the groundwork needed to choose a veterinary school yourself.  Vet School Bound provides you with the most current information available on costs, class sizes, and prerequisites for U.S. and Caribbean veterinary schools.

GRE – Graduate Record Examinations
Many Veterinary Schools require you to take the GRE, you can use the College Descriptor Pages (above) to see which schools do so.

Summer opportunities
Duke Pre-Veterinary Society has collated many possible summer opportunities for pre-veterinary students, including those for exotics/wildlife.


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