Transfer Equivalencies

If you have taken, or plan to take, courses at another institution which you would like to transfer to GVSU, you may use this Transfer Equivalencies tool to see exactly how these courses will transfer.  Use the drop down menu to find the college/university in question.  You also need to know the class code of the course(s) in question.  For example, General Biology I at GVSU has a course code of BIO 120.

As another example, if you take Introduction to Cells, Molecules and Genes (BI 151) at Grand Rapids Community College, you will find it transfers to GVSU as General Biology I (BIO 120) and would fulfill this requirement for the major.

If your college or course is not listed, or if the course is not transferring as the GVSU equivalent you expected, please complete a "Student Concern Form" with the Student Academic Success Center.


Page last modified December 18, 2017