Faculty/Staff Directory

First Name Last Name Areas of Expertise
Biology Adjunct/Visiting Professors Please use people finder for adjunct/visiting contact information View
Todd Aschenbach Ecological Restoration, Wildland Fire Management, Soils View
Sheila Blackman Plant Cell & Developmental Biology View
Jennifer Cymbola General Biology, Aquatic Biology, Ecology, Environmental Ethics View
Christopher Dobson Science Education, General Biology, Ecology View
Barb Ellis Academic Department Coordinator View
Timothy Evans Plant Systematics, Evolution, Molecular Phylogenetics View
Marianne Gerard Affiliate Professor View
Noor Ghiasvand Genetics, Human Genetics, Biomedical Ethics View
Gary Greer Plant Ecology: Epiphytes, Ferns, Invasives View
C. "Griff" Griffin Natural Resource Policy, Wildland Recreation, Public Participation View
Sarah Hamsher Phycology, Barcoding, Phylogenetics, Taxonomy, Stream Ecology View
Michael Henshaw Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Animal Behavior, Molecular Ecology View
Christina Hipshier Greenhouse Supervisor View
Elise Hollister Botany, Plant Pathology, Bacteriology, Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions View
Robert Hollister Ecology, Botany, Polar Systems, Wetland Ecology, Global Change Biology View
Jodee Hunt Ecology & Behavior of Vertebrates - especially mammals & fishes, Behavior Husbandry & Enrichment of Captive Animals - especially in zoos, Sustainable Agriculture & Agroecology View
Joseph Jacquot Zoology, Mammalogy, Wildlife Disease, Behavior View
Jennifer Jenkins Affiliate Professor View
Paul Keenlance Wildlife Habitat and Resource Selection, Carnivore Ecology, International Resource Management View
Diane Laughlin Lead Lab Supervisor View
Alexandra Locher Forest Ecosystem Management, Wildlife-Habitat Relationships, Geographic Information Systems View
Michael Lombardo Zoology, Animal Behavior, Avian Biology, Evolution, Human Evolution View
Mark Luttenton Aquatic Biology, Ecology View
Jennifer Moore Molecular Ecology, Conservation Biology, Herpetology View

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