What is myPath?

myPath is a tool designed to assist students in preparing for and tracking their academic progress toward graduation. It encompasses both a degree analysis audit and an educational planner.

What can myPath do?

  • Produce an easy to read and user friendly degree audit.
  • Give students clearly defined information for selecting coursework, understanding degree requirements, and developing an educational plan.

How do students access myPath?

Students can access myPath online by logging into myBanner, selecting the Student tab, Student Records, and then myPath.

How often should students review myPath?

Students should use myPath throughout the academic year.

We recommend students review after:

  • registering for classes;
  • making changes to their schedule by dropping or adding a class;
  • receiving their final grades; and
  • declaring or adding/changing their major.

myPath will verify that the courses registered for in future semesters or the final grades received will satisfy the specific requirements towards their degree.

What is the "What If" function?

The "What If" function allows students to hypothetically change their degree, catalog year, major, minor, or emphasis.

The "What If" audit will show:

  • Coursework required for the new major, minor, or emphasis
  • Previously taken courses that are applicable to the new requirements
  • The courses that still must be taken

The "What If" does not change the major/minor. To declare a major, students must go through the major declaration process in myBanner.

What is the Educational Planner?

The planner assists students in planning courses to complete the desired program. Audits and planning blocks can be viewed in one screen. You can drag and drop courses into future semester blocks and type courses directly into planner boxes. Courses should be entered as they appear in the catalog (e.g., CHM 115, not Chemistry 115).

The audit will outline the courses needed to meet degree, major, minor, and/or emphasis requirements within each specific block. This information can be used to discuss the plan with an academic advisor.

Page last modified November 19, 2018