What We Do

The Fred Meijer Center for Writing and Michigan Authors is here for you. We offer a variety of services at many different locations so that we can assist as many writers as possible. Browse this page to learn more about our specific services. We hope you can find the help you need!

A Writing Consultant can help you with...

Our writing consultants can not only help you wherever you are, but they are also trained to assist you during any stage of the writing process, including:

  • Brainstorming and selecting a topic
  • Understanding your assignment
  • Navigating and interpreting professor feedback
  • Considering your audience and what expectations they have
  • Organizing your ideas and structuring your paper
  • Crafting an argument, message, theme, or story
  • Integrating sources and considering their effectiveness
  • Revising, editing, and formatting your work
  • Learning how to use and perform different citation styles
  • Clarifying your message and editing your language

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The Consulting Work

One-To-One Support

Writing consultants are trained to facilitate conversation about your writing at any stage of the process, whether in person or online. They ask deep questions about a variety of topics related to you and your assignment, process, and goals. Staying true to a socratic method, they support you in exercising critical thinking skills so you may know more about why you're making choices about your project. Also, they have great advice. Consultants are successful students, and they're very aware of how they learned to succeed. In one-to-one sessions, they can help you find the answers in resources online or in text. 

Classroom Support

Consultants are embedded in every section of WRT 150. In this setting, they work alongside students and professors to better support the portfolio crafting process. Typically, consultants are invited into the lab setting, where they develop a style that works best with the instructor and the students (can include, but not limited to: having mini-meetings with students, managing a sign-up sheet for support, wandering the room and providing extemporaneous support, etc.).

Group Facilitation

Writing consultants are trained to facilitate small writing groups, which are made up of individuals writing group papers together, conducting peer review, or are working through brainstorming topics together. These sessions can occur in a workshop model -- where consultants come to your class for small group work. This also translates to the ways in which consultants are prepared to support group writing projects. Sometimes, teams of writers have to produce one project collaboratively, and they may come to one of our locations or meet online and work with one consultant at that time. 

Specialized Support

Sometimes writers need more specific help than what can be happen during one of our staple services. The Writing Center, therefore, offers some unique services for these specific communities. To learn more, please click the pics below!




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