Weekly Appointment Eligibility

Sometimes writers need more specific help than what can be happen during one of our staple services. The Writing Center, therefore, offers some unique services for these specific communities. To learn more, please browse this page!

What is it?

The weekly appointment allows for students to get consistent, dedicated, predictable support from the same consultant for 50-minute sessions each time. These relationships guarantee face-to-face time with a consultant, who can build upon conversations, lessons, and support from week to week. Typical reasons for getting weekly appointments include:

  • Slower pacing for typical session content
  • More time for instructional support
  • Dedicated support from the same person
  • Professor recommendation
  • Consultant recommendation

Who is it for?

The weekly appointment is reserved for dedicated students, who feel they identify with the following:

  • Professor recommendation
  • Consultant recommendation
  • Specific disability support reasons (works with DSS)
  • Unique project support (must gain permission from Writing Center administration)
  • Individualized support for athletes (must gain permission from Writing Center administration)


If you still believe you deserve or need a weekly appointment, but are not represented by the above list, feel free to call us at 331-2922 or visit us at LOH 120


How does it work?

If you are interested in applying for a weekly appointment, here's how it works:

  1. You must be eligible (see the list above)
  2. You need to come into the LOH 120 location and fill out an application, which includes REASONS for a weekly, SCHEDULING information, and ACADEMIC information about what kinds of projects you'll be expecting to accomplish this semester
  3. Then, the Writing Center will match you with a consultant based on your NEEDS, AVAILABILITY, LOCATION interest, and REQUESTS (if there are any)
  4. Once you've been matched, you'll receive email confirmation from our Office Coordinator with TERMS & AGREEMENTS for this privileged appointment. For more information about these, please click HERE
  5. You are, then, expected to meet in person with your consultant every week until the end of the semester

Through peer mentorship, the Fred Meijer Center for Writing and Michigan Authors provides a safe space for analytical dialogue, wherein writers develop strategies and skills for building awareness of and confidence in their own writing process. 




Have other questions? Stop in and visit! Or call us at 331-2922.