Meet the Desk Workers

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Alyssa L.

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Hailey D.

Hailey is a senior studying Film and Video Production here at Grand Valley. She plans on becoming a post-production editor after graduation. Apart from film, Hailey loves to travel as much as possible, whether it be locally, nationally or globally! So far, she has ventured to 9 different countries and plans to continue to be a globetrotter all lifelong. When she is not focused on her studies or traveling, Hailey enjoys reading (her favorite being historical fiction), kayaking, binge watching Netflix, and learning to home cook. A few things she loves include sushi, alpacas, Disney movies, the color aqua, and puns. Hailey is level 3 certified as a whitewater rafting guide and can unicycle. As a second year receptionist, Hailey is excited to see returning students in the center and to warmly welcome those who are new!

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Tiana O.




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