What can I do about issues with transportation, academics, living situations, etc.?

Who can help me?

  • Victim/survivors should make a request to the Office for Title IX for assistance with accommodations and supportive measures.
  • University offices including Dean of Students, Counseling Center, Housing, Campus Victim Advocate, University Counsel, Human Resources, and Public Safety Services will work cooperatively with the Office for Title IX and Institutional Equity to ensure that the victim/survivor's health, physical safety, work and academic status are protected.

What can be done to help me?

Supportive measures are individualized supports for those impacted by sexual misconduct/harassment, and are designed to restore or preserve equal access to programs, activities, studies, and work at GVSU; protect the safety of all parties and GVSU's educational environment; and/or deter sexual misconduct/harassment.

You can access supportive measures even if you choose not to file a formal complaint.

Supportive measures include:

  • Altering campus housing assignment(s)
  • Altering work arrangements for employees or student-employees
  • Providing campus safety escorts
  • Providing transportation accommodations
  • Academic adjustments, extensions of deadlines, or other course/program-related adjustments
  • Class schedule modifications, withdrawals, or leaves of absence
  • Increased security and monitoring of certain areas of the campus

While these are just a few examples of supportive measures, we work with students, faculty, and staff to ensure that supportive measures are individually tailored to meet each individual’s unique needs. GVSU will maintain the privacy of the supportive measures, provided that privacy does not impair GVSU’s ability to provide the supportive measures.

To discuss or request supportive measures contact GVSU's Office for Title IX.

Kevin Carmody, Title IX Director & Coordinator

[email protected]

  • Accommodations may be made regardless of whether the victim/survivor chooses to report the crime to the Campus Police or local law enforcement.
  • The University will maintain as confidential any accommodations or supportive measures provided to the victim, to the extent that maintaining such confidentiality would not impair the ability of the institution to provide the accommodations or supportive measures. 

Page last modified February 14, 2022