What will happen after the disciplinary process?


  • In cases involving students, Title IX investigations that result in a finding of a violation of the Sexual Misconduct Policy will lead to the initiation of disciplinary sanctions against the accused individual.
  • Possible University sanctions include:
    • Expulsion: Termination of student status for any indefinite period.
    • Suspension: Exclusion from classes and other privileges or activities or from the University for a definite period of time.
    • Suspension held in abeyance: Exclusion from classes and other privileges or activities or from the University for a definite period of time to be enforced should another violation occur.
    • Restitution: Reimbursement for damages or misappropriation of property.
    • Disciplinary Probation: Exclusion from participation in privileged or extracurricular activities for a definite period of time. Including restriction from entering specific University areas and/or from all forms of contact with certain person(s).
    • Restriction from employment at the University: Prohibition of, or limitation of University employment.
    • University Housing Transfer or Removal: Placement in another room or housing unit, or removal from University housing. Housing transfers or removals may be temporary or permanent depending on the circumstances.
    • Professional Assessment: Completion of a professional assessment that could help the student or the University ascertain the student’s ongoing supervision or support needed to successfully participate in the University community. The cost of professional assessment will be paid by the sanctioned student.
    • Removal or non-renewal of academic scholarship.
    • Reprimand: A written censure for violation of the Policy placed in the student’s or employee’s record, including the possibility of more severe disciplinary sanctions should another violation occur within a stated period of time.
    • Warning Notice: A notice, in writing, that continuation or repetition of conduct found wrongful, within a period of time stated in the warning, may be cause for more severe disciplinary action.
  • Sanctions are effective immediately, unless otherwise specified by the Dean of Students Office or Human Resources Office. Notification will be simultaneously provided in writing to both parties. This notification will include University appeal procedures.
  • Sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking are criminal acts which are subject to criminal and civil penalties under federal and state law.