Meet the Title IX Team

Our team works to create a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment for all individuals who seek services through our office. We understand that your GVSU experience may be impacted, and we’re able to provide assistance through supportive measures, or campus modifications, designed to protect your safety and preserve or restore your ability to participate in GVSU’s programs and activities. 

Some individuals prefer a supportive response only, others choose to request a university investigation, and some choose both. We’re here to help inform your decision and which path feels right for you.

We invite you to an informational meeting with a member of our team to discuss your options and how we may be able to assist. Neither reporting to our office nor discussing with a member of our team obligates a course of action. The choice to file a formal complaint with GVSU is yours to make. 

You may also choose to make a report with the Grand Valley Police Department, and we can assist in making a connection.

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Michael Szydlowski



Michael works closely with members of the GVSU community who have been impacted by sexual misconduct, harassment, and discrimination to offer care while providing supportive measures to ensure the safety and continued participation of those involved.  Michael is available to discuss options for supportive measures, reporting (including a formal complaint to GVSU and reporting to law enforcement), and university resolution (which can include an investigation). If and when an individual would like to request university action, Michael is available to provide information on filing a formal complaint.

You can reach Michael by phone at (616) 331-9530 or by email at