What can the University do after I report an incident?

Whether or not criminal charges are filed, a victim/survivor may request the University to investigate reports of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault or stalking through the Office for Title IX and Institutional Equity.

Reports of all domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking made to the Department of Public Safety will automatically be referred to the Title IX Coordinator for determination of an investigation regardless of whether the victim/survivor chooses to pursue criminal charges.

To view the complete Policy and Procedures, please visit the Office for Title IX and Institutional Equity website

Office for Title IX and Institutional Equity Process Overviews

When an alleged violation of the University Policy is reported and the victim/survivor is requesting university resolution, the allegations are subject to the applicable process (Process A, B, or C), as detailed in procedures.

In order to determine the applicable process, the Office for Title IX and Institutional Equity will review each formal complaint based on the information available at the time it is filed, including:

  1. the reported location and date/time of the incident, 
  2. the affiliation of impacted parties with GVSU, and 
  3. the context in which the incident occurred.  

If you're considering filing a formal complaint, Theresa Rowland, Title IX Coordinator, and Michael Szydlowski, Deputy Title IX Coordinator, are available to meet and discuss which process may be applicable.

Process A: Grievance Process under 2020 Title IX Regulations

Title IX Process A

This process applies only to qualifying allegations as described in the Policy, Section 9. Title IX and Sexual Misconduct, which is required under the U.S. Department of Education's 2020 Title IX Regulations (34 C.F.R. § 106.45). 

When the Title IX Coordinator determines that jurisdiction does not fall within Process A, Process B or Process C may be applied.

Process B: Grievance Process for University Sexual Misconduct

Title IX Process B Flowchart

This process applies only when Process A is inapplicable, or offenses subject to Process A have been dismissed.

Process C: Harassment and Discrimination

Title IX Process C Flowchart

This process applies to complaints alleging discriminatory or harassing behavior based on protected classes, as defined by the Policy.