TRACKS Frequently Asked Questions

What does TRACKS stand for?

Tracking business students learning and leadership through planned development activities
Relevance to the curriculum to support student learning
Actionable results including Activity-based experiences and Applications to business
Communication skills and Career preparation
Know-Do-Be” approach to educating (preparing students for tomorrow’s opportunities)
Sensitivity to diversity and culture.    


Who can participate in TRACKS?

All Seidman students, including first and second-year declared students, are able to participate. Upon completion of the program, Seidman students are eligible to receive a certificate of completion presented during the Seidman Evening of Honors (dates and invitations provided once the event nears).

Please note: All GVSU students, business and non-business majors alike, are welcome to join any of our events. 

How does the program work?

During your time at Seidman, attend a total of 8 TRACKS events and submit a reflective essay after each event. 3 of these events must be off the required list of events. The remaining 5 must be approved TRACKS or Professional Development (PD) events as listed on our website.

TRACKS event

Students at a TRACKS event at the L. William Seidman Center

How do I get started?

The program is open to all Seidman students, including first and second-year declared students, who have not yet completed the Seidman Success Standards.

Once you attend a TRACKS event and submit your first reflection, we will consider you a participant in the program and begin tracking your progress. All GVSU students are able to attend the event, however they are not eligible for certification.


What do I do after attending a TRACKS event?

After each TRACKS event you attend you must complete a Reflection Essay to earn credit towards certification. This reflection essay can be accessed via the link below. 


Reflection Essay

What happens once I complete the program?

Once you have attended all 8 TRACKS events and submitted reflection essays, you will receive a Certificate of Completion. This is presented during our Seidman Evening of Honors at the end of each semester. However, if you are unable to attend we will make sure to get your certificate to you regardless.

Seidman students at Evening of Honors

Seidman students at Evening of Honors

Who do I contact for questions about TRACKS?

Please direct your questions, concerns, or event proposals to our office.

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