TRACKS Frequently Asked Questions

What does TRACKS stand for?
Tracking business students learning and leadership through planned development activities
Relevance to curriculum to support student learning
Actionable results including Activity-based experiences and Applications to business
Communication skills and Career preparation
“Know-Do-Be” approach to educating (preparing students for tomorrow’s opportunities)
Sensitivity to diversity and culture.    

How are students admitted into the program?
All Seidman College of Business students are able to join the program whether you are majoring or minoring in business. There is no formal application process simply start by attending one of the events listed under each TRACK. You may start either fall or winter semester.  When you attend an event, be sure to register to receive credit toward completion of the TRACKS Program. 

How does the Program work?
The TRACKS Program is divided into four categories: 

Track 1-Communication and Professional Skills
Track 2-Strategic Career Development
Track 3-Leadership, Ethics and Integrity
Track 4-Global and Diverse Perspectives

Within each TRACKS area, there are three levels to complete. Each level will have a requirement (event, talk, etc.).  You do not have to complete each level in order. Once you complete all three levels within a TRACKS category and finish the Reflective Document, you will receive a certificate for that particular TRACK upon review of the reflective piece. To complete the overall TRACKS Program, you will have to complete (4) Reflective Documents and (12) events.

How are students accepted into the Program?
All Seidman students automatically qualify for the program with no minimum GPA requirement.  A student may complete all four Tracks at their own pace, over the course of their GVSU career.

What happens when I complete all four TRACKS of the program?
You will receive a certificate after full completion of each individual TRACK.

How do I track my progress in the program?
Log in to to monitor your progress

Who do I contact if I have questions about the TRACKS Program?
Email Yalonda Ross-Davis at 

Page last modified May 18, 2018