TRACKS Frequently Asked Questions

What does TRACKS stand for?
Tracking business students learning and leadership through planned development activities
Relevance to the curriculum to support student learning
Actionable results including Activity-based experiences and Applications to business
Communication skills and Career preparation
Know-Do-Be” approach to educating (preparing students for tomorrow’s opportunities)
Sensitivity to diversity and culture.    

How are students admitted into the program?

This program is open to all Grand Valley State University students with Seidman designated students being eligible for a certificate of completion awarded at Seidman Evening of Honors.

How does the Program work?

During your time at Seidman, attend a total of 8 TRACKS events then submit a reflective essay after each event about your learning experience.

Of the 8 events, 3 must be off the Required List, with the remaining 5 coming from other TRACKS designated PD events or additional events listed on the Required List.

Please visit TRACKS Homepage for additional details.

How are students accepted into the Program?
All Seidman majors and minors can participate for certification. Events are open to all GVSU students.

What happens when I complete all four TRACKS of the program?
Once all 8 TRACKS PD events are completed and reflective essays have been submitted, Seidman students will receive a Certificate of Completion and recognition at Seidman College of Business Evening of Honors.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the TRACKS Program?
Email with questions or concerns

Page last modified September 26, 2018