Grand Valley State University - Tutoring
Summer tutoring hours Tuesday Wednesday Thursday from 10am to 4pm. Available in the Tutoring and reading center, the chemistry success center, and the math and stats center.

Master new content. Strengthen academic skills. Reach your goals. Learn like a Laker!

50-minute one-on-one sessions with a peer tutor. Course content, reading, study strategies, and more.

Drop-in content support in subject-specific centers. Great for homework assistance and specific questions. 

Course support embedded in select gateway courses. Includes the SLA and the PAL program.

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Graphs and figures showing the number of GVSU students who have participated in GVSU tutoring program

Here's what students say about tutoring!

"The most valuable thing I received from the Tutoring center was someone having my back. I was so stressed and worried I was not going to pass my class, but once I started with my tutor my whole semester turned around. I am so thankful!"

"I have worked with Rachel, Sarah, Stephanie, and Beth. I grew fond of my tutors very quickly because they created a safe and interactive environment since the first day I met them. They listened attentively and really helped using how I learned best which was utilizing the whiteboard and drawing things out. They have never made me feel dumb or embarrassed about what I didn’t know as well as the pace that I was learning. They explain everything so clearly. I don’t know what I would have done without them, they’re super awesome in every way!!"

"Working with Elias was awesome :) He was very understanding of how far behind I was due to missing classes and helped reassure me. He was also very knowledgeable in CHM 115 and was more than willing to explain different subjects in a way I understood them best." 

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