Honor Society Requirements

  1. Honor Societies must complete all General Requirements
  2. A GPA expectation of a 3.0 (or higher) as a national organization standard, or a class standing equivalent that averages above a 3.0 GPA (i.e. top 10% of class standing). 
  3. An official partnership with a GVSU academic department; including a faculty member from the academic department to serve as an organization advisor.  Before approval of the new organization can take place, a letter of endorsement from the Dean of the academic department must be provided to verify this partnership has been established.

*Organizations unable to meet these standards do not qualify to receive the Honors classification, nor will they be permitted to have the word “honors” in the title or description of the organization.

*The organization may still be eligible to become a registered student organization, but will fall under a different classification (academic, service, special interest, etc.). 

*Organizations that receive the Honors classification are permitted once a semester to request students’ information for recruitment purposes through the Office of Student Life.

Page last modified March 18, 2019