ASA Policies & Procedures

Academic Space Requests Procedure
Highlights key points when it comes to the consideration of academic space requests, particularly classroom assignments and modifications.

Additional Locations (New, Expansion, or Closure) Request Process
Provides the process for adding a new additional location offering an academic program, changing the offerings of programs at an existing additional location, or closing an existing additional location.

Advanced Degree Reimbursement
Describes the conditions under which the University may consider supporting a faculty or staff member in the attainment of an advanced degree.

Affiliate Faculty Review Guidelines & Senior Affiliate Faculty Promotion Procedures
Provides recommended procedures for review of Affiliate Faculty and promotion to Senior Affiliate.

ASA Technology Positions Guidelines
Outlines the guidelines of a technology focused Administrative Professional position in an Academic and Student Affairs unit.

Faculty Qualifications
Provides the process to follow to ensure all teaching faculty are qualified.
      Faculty Qualifications Assurance Form (fillable pdf)

Faculty Reassigned Time Authorization
Outlines the process for authorizing faculty who have time reassigned from teaching.

Fulbright and Other Scholarly Awards
Outlines the University's support for faculty who receive Fulbright and other competitive scholarly awards.

Gifts and/or Gift Cards
Provides policy regarding the purchase of gifts and gift cards.

Institutional Agreements Process
Describes the processes for development of agreements between Grand Valley and other institutions.

Intercollege Support Request Procedures
Describes the processes for development of agreements between Grand Valley and other institutions.
     Intercollege Support Request Form

Joint Faculty Appointment -Memo of Understanding
Provides the template for the conditions of an individual faculty joint appointment between the primary and secondary units and the faculty member.

Lodging Reimbursement
Describes the Academic and Student Affairs guidelines regarding lodging for University-related purposes.

Salary Savings Policy
Provides the policy statement on salary savings created by grant funding.

Travel & Expense Form Exceptions Procedure
Describes the procedure to follow when requesting an exception to the University's travel policy.

Travel Grant Reimbursement Procedure
Provides the procedure regarding expenditures for faculty travel that are subsidized by an internal grant.

Written Performance Summaries - Use in Annual Salary Adjustments and Personnel Actions
Identifies key policy statements for regular faculty related to annual written performance summaries.

Year-End Budget Retention Policy
Provides the Academic and Student Affairs policy on year-end-budget retention.

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