Travel Grant Reimbursement Procedure

Academic and Student Affairs Process and Procedures

Effective date:  January 2, 2009

All expenditures for faculty travel that are subsidized by an internal Grand Valley grant or award will be initially charged to the faculty’s home department. The original travel and expense form along with the original receipts will be submitted by the home department to the Travel Desk for processing.

The home department will forward requests for reimbursement to the unit(s) granting the funding (e.g., R&D, Pew FTLC, Padnos International, etc.) who will make a timely reimbursement via a working budget transfer adjustment to CSSM budget pool account code 7001. For reimbursement, all travel and expense form copies will be clearly marked “Copy” and distributed to the funding departments.

The only exception to this procedure will be travel awards associated with a R&D RESEARCH grant which will continue to be submitted and charged directly to R&D. Contact the Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence to clarify if your R&D grant falls into this research category.