Travel & Expense Form Exceptions Procedure

Academic Affairs Process and Procedures

Effective date:  April 26, 2017, updated September 2019

According to Grand Valley State University’s travel and expense guidelines, Travel & Expense Forms containing the following exceptions must have the approval of the appropriate Vice President (Executive Officer):

     • Meals (including tip) that exceed per diem
     • Faculty and staff only meals
     • Alcohol expenses
     • Missing original receipts

Travel & Expense Forms submitted to the Office of the Provost for Executive Officer signature must have the Appointing Officer’s signature and be accompanied by a signed memo with written justification for the exception. If approval was requested and received before the event occurred, attach a copy of the approval to the Travel & Expense Form. An itemized receipt for all meals should be submitted with the reimbursement request.

Meals including GVSU faculty and staff only must include a list of attendees.

If alcohol is included in the reimbursement amount, it must be circled on the receipt, totaled and noted on a separate line with the FOAP left blank. Alcohol cannot be charged to a general fund FOAP but must be charged to a special FOAP that only the Office of the Provost can approve.

If alcohol is not included in the reimbursement amount, it must be circled on the receipt and subtracted from the total.

Travel & Expense Forms will be returned and reimbursement delayed if justification is not included, appropriate signatures are not secured, or alcohol charges are not separated.

Questions about Academic and Student Affairs guidelines (est. 2018) involving over per diem meal reimbursement, may be directed to the Office of the Provost.

Page last modified February 4, 2022