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Academic Spaces

Information about classrooms and other academic spaces at GVSU is available on this site.  For each classroom, teaching laboratory, etc., there is a page which includes classroom attributes, capacity, a floor plan, photographs, and the college to which the room is assigned for priority scheduling.

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Questions, Issues, or Concerns

To report classrooms issues (maintenance, technology), go to the Fixit page.  For urgent situations, call I.T. Services at 616-331-2101 or (855) 435-7488 (Toll-free).

For larger projects, space assignments (e.g. "first dibs"), repurposing of academic space, and other requests, please see the Academic Space Request Procedures.

For other questions about classrooms, contact the Registrar.

Please send any comments about this Classrooms web site to the Office of the Provost.


This site is administered by the Academic Space Committee (ASC).  The ASC is an administrative committee that brings together expertise and areas of responsibility on campus in order to make decisions about the assignment and re-purposing of existing academic space, and to provide advice related to evolution of space use on campus and the creation of new academic space.  Academic space includes classrooms and other teaching spaces, offices assigned to academic departments, special event space, conference rooms, and other space used for high impact academic student activities.


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Page last modified July 29, 2022