Gifts and/or Gift Cards Policy

Academic Affairs Process and Procedures

Effective date:  November 3, 2015

Gifts (regardless of value) may not be purchased for students, employees or members of their immediate families. Gifts may be purchased for donors as part of a development activity or if they are used for participation in Human Research projects. Please see the following website for the rules for Human Research projects: Donor gifts may not be provided to employees or students. It may be appropriate to purchase gifts for visitors to GVSU (e.g., international visitors, volunteers, speakers). The cost of any gift must be modest (normally, less than $50 per individual). Plaques and service awards to employees are not considered gifts. Departmental apparel or other items that are of a marketing or departmental related nature are also not considered gifts but should be purchased for employees infrequently (every other year) and have a business purpose such as aiding identification of an employee. Gift cards in any amount are not reimbursable for any purpose except as payment to research participants.

Page last modified February 4, 2022