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  • Important Dates for the Upcoming Application Cycle
  • Criteria for Application
    • University Requirements
    • Program Requirements
    • CASPA
    • Casper
    • GRE
    • Prerequisite Coursework
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Admission Facts



  • Casper
  • GRE
  • Admission Profile of Accepted GVSU PAS Students
  • Prerequisite Courses
  • Health Care Experience Hours
  • SARS-COV-2 2020 Pandemic (Covid-19)



Admissions Academic Request Forms (ARF) are designed for students who think they have extenuating circumstances that impact their ability to meet application criteria.

  • The deadline for ARF submission is July 15 in the year of application.  NO LATE ARF FORMS WILL BE ACCEPTED.
  • Concerns related to the Coronavirus pandemic:  If you are planning to apply to Grand Valley State University's PAS program and have questions/concerns related to your ability to complete one or more of the application requirements as a direct result of closures associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, please complete the Academic Request Form Related to Coronavirus Closures.




Physician Assistants (PAs) are trained in the medical model, similar to how physicians are trained in medical school. Students attending the Physician Assistant Studies (PAS) program at GVSU enter with diverse educational and health-related experiences.  The curriculum at GVSU enables all students to build on their prior knowledge and become highly competent physician assistants upon graduation.

The PAS program at GVSU is fully accredited and includes four semesters of didactic coursework followed by three semesters of clinical training.  The didactic courses include human anatomy, medical physiology, statistics, clinical applications, clinical medicine, pathophysiology, clinical problem-solving, practical therapeutics, PA professional issues, and evidence-based medicine.   

Tuition & Fees


Tuition and Fees



Grand Valley State University currently has six scholarships available to aid in tuition for students in the Physician Assistant Studies (PAS) Program.

  • Stephanie Urbanawiz Physician Assistant Endowed Scholarship
  • Christos and Joan Panopoulos Physician Assistant Studies Endowed Scholarship
  • Steven and Kathryn ’83 Bandstra Clinical Placement Scholarship
  • Steven and Kathryn ’83 Bandstra Health Sciences Scholarship
  • Budden Family Pathway Scholarship
  • James R. Moyer Scholarship

Interview Day


The interview is a half-day experience for invited applicants, which includes the following:

  • Welcome and overview of the GVSU PAS program.
  • Individual interviews with PAS faculty and members of the local health care community.
  • Group interview with the PAS program administration.
  • Facility tour.
  • Student Panel Question and Answer session.
  • Faculty Panel Question and Answer session.


Throughout the interview day, the PAS faculty will assess motivational factors, life experiences, patient care experience, maturity, and personal characteristics necessary to become a successful physician assistant.

Applicants will be asked to complete an applicant survey to evaluate the application and interview process during interview days.  The applicant survey will be anonymous and will not be used in admission decisions. Grand Rapids interviews are held at the GVSU Health Campus, and Traverse City interviews are held at the University Center in Traverse City. Applicants are expected to attend the interview day in person. Applicants with exceptional circumstances may be granted an alternate interview day, and requests will be evaluated case by case.



Successful completion of the Master in Physician Assistant Studies degree at Grand Valley State University requires students meet certain intellectual and technical skills. The granting of a degree to a physician assistant student signifies that the holder is an individual prepared for employment as a PA. In such a professional role, the physician assistant can provide medical services in accordance with the applicable laws of medical practice. The services must, for the safety and welfare of the patient, be of the same professional quality that would be rendered by the supervising physician. The physician assistant must have the knowledge and skills to function in a broad variety of clinical situations and to render a wide spectrum of patient care.



  • Advanced course placement is not granted in the PAS program.
  • All students must complete the entire program. 
  • If a student believes they have completed coursework at Grand Valley State University that satisfies program requirements, they may submit a letter to the program after acceptance.
    • This letter would include the official transcript of the course, the course grade, and the syllabus of record.
  • Approval is required from the individual GVSU course instructors and the PAS program.
  • This information will only be addressed after acceptance into the GVSU PAS program.


*This information does not pertain to high school 'advanced placement' coursework.

Pre-PA Club


Mission Statement

  • To provide a support network for students interested in becoming Physician Assistants. To familiarize students with the admission process and profession such that they are better prepared to enter a Physician Assistant graduate program.

GVSU Grand Rapids Pre-PA Club

GVSU Traverse City Pre-PA Club

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