Outstanding IR Award Guidelines

MI-ACE Women’s Network is awarding the annual Outstanding Institutional Representative Award at its Annual State Conference Luncheon. The award will be given to an Institutional Representative or Co-Institutional Representatives from up to two member institutions.


The Outstanding Institutional Representative Award recognizes and honors the Institutional Representative or Co-Institutional Representatives for developing, encouraging, advancing, linking, and supporting women on their campus.


The award is granted to an Institutional Representative from a participating public, private, 2-year or 4-year college or university in the state of Michigan who has demonstrated measurable progress in promoting and sustaining MI-ACE Women’s Network campus activities.

The award is granted to the Institutional Representative who has demonstrated dedication to MI-ACE Women’s Network efforts and outstanding leadership representing the MI-ACE Women’s Network on her campus during the last academic year. The criteria for the award are as follows:

  • Informs and advances the understanding of women in higher education.
  • Serves as the communication conduit to women on campus regarding appropriate information in the MI-ACE Women’s Network IR Update.
  • Encourages attendance of women at the IR’s institution in the Annual State Conference, Women of Color Collaborative, Young Women Strong Leaders, and other programs sponsored by the MI-ACE Women’s Network.
  • Demonstrates exemplary campus/institution programming/activities that represent the mission of MI-ACE Women’s Network.
  • Submitted an annual report for the most recent reporting cycle by the due date.
  • Participated in an MI-ACE Women’s Network event for Institutional Representatives.
  • Attended the MI-ACE Women’s Network’s Annual State Conference.
  • The Institutional Representative’s institution must be a MI-ACE Women’s Network member.

Other criteria that may be considered:

  • Informs institution’s president (or administrator designated by president) about MI-ACE Women’s Network strategic goals and activities.
  • In addition to her campus IR role, participates on one of the Executive Board Committees.*

*MI-ACE Women’s Network Executive Board members are not eligible for the award during their elected term of office.


  • A Selection Committee of Institutional Representative Committee members also serving on the MI-ACE Women’s Network Board and any designated Board members will select the finalist.
  • Utilizing a scoring rubric, the finalist is selected based on the IR job description and the annual report submitted by the IR during the year of the selection.
  • The finalist will be asked to submit a reference from the IR(s) institution that can recommend her work via email.
  • The finalist selected as the award recipient must be approved by the Executive Board.
  • Upon Executive Board approval, the Selection Committee will notify the finalist’s president via email of the Executive Board’s decision and invite president to the annual conference luncheon.
  • The award recipient must attend the award ceremony in person in order to receive the award.


  • The honoree and her institution are notified of the award in late spring.
  • Award recipient will be recognized at the Michigan ACE Women’s Network Annual Conference Luncheon.

Page last modified February 24, 2022