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Top 10 Tips for Job Survival  

Get off to a good start! An interviewer who seems almost like a friend is not your friend. Her job is to weed out people who might not fit or might be a problem in the organization. Many personal questions are illegal for interviewers to ask, but they can engage you in friendly conversation, hoping you might share that information voluntarily.

Your relationship with your division manager or supervisor can be a big part of your job satisfaction. Try to choose a good boss over great pay.

Always tell the truth – even if it does not put you in the best position. If it is discovered that you lied about a situation, you may never be trusted again.

Be decisive when you speak. Decisive people receive more attention and respect, than people who sound uncertain.

A new boss means new rules. Meet the challenge of playing the new game instead of struggling to play a new game with the old rules. Never say, “But we always did it this way.”

Go to meetings prepared and on time. If you don’t receive an agenda in advance, ask for one.

Meet deadlines by marking your calendar with each due date. Estimate how much time it will take to complete and set up a schedule.

Courtesy and civility to everyone counts in your favor. Also, remember that inner power comes from being kind to others, not controlling them.

Excuses don’t matter – but results do!

Make your boss glad she hired you.


Source: Excerpts from The Job Survival Instruction Book, by Karin Ireland, Course Technology PTR, Cengage Learning.

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