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On behalf of the Mentoring Mondays’ team and the Executive Board of the MI-ACE Women’s Network, this close-out entry for 2020 is something to ponder as we look ahead to the coming year. We strive always to be a diverse and inclusive Network and it helps to remind ourselves often of the needs of our membership. Enjoy the message below and thank you for your commitment and service: 

“A Message to our Leaders”

“Leaders, if you want my loyalty, interest, and best efforts as a group member, you must take into account the fact that:

  • I need a sense of belonging. A feeling that no one objects to my presence. A feeling that I am sincerely welcome.
  • I need to have a share in planning the group goals. My needs will be satisfied only when I feel that my ideas have had a fair hearing.
  • I need to feel that the goals are within reach and that they make sense to me.
  • I need to feel that what I am doing contributes to human welfare.
  • I need to know what is expected of me so that I can work confidently.
  • I need to have responsibilities that challenge and contribute to my growth as an emerging leader.
  • I need to be confident in you as my leader and the assurance of consistent and fair treatment, of recognition when it is due, and trust that loyalty will bring increased security. 

In brief, the situation in which I find myself must make sense to me regardless of how much sense it makes to you.”   ~ Author Unknown

Here’s to moving forward together in 2021 . . .

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