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Institutional Representatives

Institutional Representatives are the backbone of the Michigan ACE Women’s Network, providing information about the network to member campuses.

This week, we salute MI-ACE IRs! The Role of an Institutional Representative As an affiliate of the American Council on Education (ACE) Women’s Network, the Michigan ACE (MI-ACE) Women’s Network is committed to identifying, developing, encouraging, advancing, linking, and supporting women in higher education. Each member public, private, 2-year, and 4- year college or university in the state appoints one or two Institutional Representative(s) (IRs) who are responsible for the following basic duties:

Serve as the institution’s official representative to the MI-ACE Women’s Network. At minimum:

- Participate in one IR event annually,

- Attend the Annual State Conference, and

- Submit the IR Annual Report.

Additional IR duties include:

- Enlist the support of other women at their institution by assessing needs and facilitating institutional professional development programming that represents the mission of the MIACE Women’s Network.

- Establish and/or collaborate with other campus programs/activities focusing on women.

- Educate women at their institution about the Network’s mission and major initiatives (e.g. Annual Conference, Young Women Strong Leaders, Women of Color Collaborative, public policy agenda).

- Facilitate communication with women throughout their institution by disseminating information provided by MI-ACE regarding opportunities for professional development, job shadowing, and professional advancement; grant/research funding; call for papers/proposals from MI-ACE, its members institutions or national ACE.

- Encourage attendance at the Annual Statewide Conference, Young Women Strong Leaders Conference, Women of Color Collaborative and other programs sponsored by the MI-ACE Women’s Network.

- Keep their president (or administrator designated by the president) informed of the Michigan ACE Women’s Network strategic goals and activities.

Meet your MI-ACE IRs!

  • Alma College: Janie Diels and Maria Jones
  • Andrews University: Alayne Thorpe and Andrea Luxton
  • Aquinas College: Erin Peraino and Heather Kesselring-Quakenbush
  • Baker College-Clinton: Patty Kaufman and Kristen Conte
  • Baker College: Tanya Lewis and Voula Erfouth
  • Bay College West: Gina Wollner and Sarah Davy
  • Bay de Noc Community College: Erica Mead
  • Calvin University: Michelle Lloyd-Paige and TaRita Johnson
  • Central Michigan University: Amanda Mae Scherr and Marcia Taylor
  • College for Creative Studies: Dayna Davis
  • Davenport University: Deb Cooper and Gilda Gely
  • Delta College: Elsa Olvera and Loyce Brown
  • Eastern Michigan University: Colleen Croxall and Julia Heck
  • Ferris State University: Gayle Lopez and Leah Monger
  • Glenn Oaks Community College: Tammy Russell and Tonya Howden
  • Grand Rapids Community College: Amy Mansfield and Sheila Jones
  • Grand Valley State University: Jessica Jennrich and Karen Gipson
  • Henry Ford College: Shai James Boyd and Susan Shunkwiler
  • Hope College: Cady Short-Thompson
  • Jackson College: Kate Thirolf and Tina Marie Matz
  • Kalamazoo College: Sarah Westfall
  • Kellogg Community College: Karrie Langdon and Sara Reed
  • Kettering University: Christine Wallace and Viola Sprague
  • Lansing Community College: Lisa Mazure, Patty Spagnuolo and Saleena Samuel
  • Lawrence Technological Institute: Sibrina Collins and Susan Poli-Smith
  • Macomb Community College: Carey Wellhausen and Megan Vinyard
  • Madonna University: Christine Benson and Jessica Bielawski
  • Michigan School of Psychology: Amanda Ming and Diane Zalapi
  • Michigan State University: Cindi Leverich
  • Mid Michigan Community College: Amy Goethe and Karley Roy
  • Mott Community College: Sounya Walker and Wanda C. Brown
  • Muskegon Community College: Bonita Jackson and Trynette Lottie-Harps
  • Northwood University: Mamiko Reeves and Nancy Finazzo
  • Oakland University: Anita Hicks and Joi Cunningham
  • Olivet College: Areerat (Poy) Lertchaipitak and Cynthia Noyes
  • Saginaw Valley State University: Betsy Diegel and Deborah Huntley
  • Schoolcraft College: Michele Kelly and Jodie Beckley
  • University of Detroit Mercy: Karen Lee and Pamela Zarkowski
  • University of Michigan-Ann Arbor: Cheryl McPherson and Diane Brinson-Days
  • University of Michigan-Flint: Sadé Wilson and Michelle Silva
  • Washtenaw Community College: Andrea Hemphill and Shana Barker
  • Wayne County Community College District: CharMaine Hines and Paige Niehaus
  • Wayne State University: Dawn Pauli and Kathryn Wrench
  • Western Michigan University: Deveta Gradner
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