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Breaking the Glass Ceiling


The MI-ACE Women’s Network newest glass ceiling pin is gaining in popularity. Recently, some young college women students were asked if they knew the significance of “breaking the glass ceiling.” Surprisingly, they had never heard the term.   

Breaking the glass ceiling means overcoming the invisible barriers to success or advancement.  The term is referred to when women and/or minorities cannot rise in their careers because of the social or organizational barriers stopping them from rising to top positions. Breaking the glass ceiling means removing those barriers for others experiencing the struggle. This is especially relevant to upper-level opportunities proven to be impenetrable to the vast majority of marginalized persons, especially women in stagnant middle-management roles, unable to attain higher leadership or executive roles. The MI-ACE Women’s Network is all about recognizing those who have broken that glass ceiling, those who paved the way for us, and those of us who are lifting as we climb. 

We are proud of what this “breaking the glass ceiling pin” represents, and we are honored to wear it as we bring awareness to what our Network has to offer through supporting women in higher education in Michigan. 


About the Artist : The 2022 version of the glass ceiling pin was designed by Anita Black, an artisan who owns The Glass Cottage, Ltd., Everett, Washington.

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