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“Discover Your Calling – The Life’s Task”


This week’s mentoring tip is taken from Robert Greene’s

book entitled, The Daily Laws. As the holiday season draws

near, we are usually drawn to past experiences that remind us

of the joys of childhood.

“It Is Already within You: As you become more sophisticated, you often lose touch with the signals from your primal core. They can be buried beneath all of the other subjects you have studied. Your power and future can depend on reconnecting with this core and returning to your origins. You must dig for signs of such inclinations in your earliest years. Look for its traces in visceral reactions to something simple; a desire to repeat an activity that you never tired of; a subject that stimulated an unusual degree of curiosity; feelings of power attached to particular actions. It is already there within you. You have nothing to create; you merely need to dig and refine what has been buried inside of you all along. If you reconnect with this core at any age, some element of that primitive attraction will spark back to life, indicating a path that can ultimately become your Life’s Task.”

Daily Law:  Daniel Green encourages us to ask someone who recalls our childhood what they remember about our interests. Get reacquainted with those early passions.  


Source: The Daily Laws, by Robert Greene, Viking: New York, 2021. 

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