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Trinity Skowronek

Trinity Skowronek

Can you talk about your professors in this course?

Professor Tripp and Alli compliment each other perfectly. Professor Tripp has a quiet personality, and Alli is very bubbly. They are both workable when it comes to essay revisions and questions when it comes to the grade book.

What has been your favorite part of this class?

My favorite part of this class has been the interactive activities and field trips that we have done together. Professor Tripp facilitates role play games, and Alli does dynamic warm ups before her section of the class. As a class, we have all attended plays together and had deep discussions about the content.

How has this class helped you in your other classes/ future career?

I am studying multimedia journalism, as well as advertising and public relations. With the interactive role play games, I was able to be a newspaper journalist and a broadcast correspondent. I was able to not only gain a richer understanding about American history, but I was also able to interact with simulated roles within my career.

My other classmates who are studying photography analyzed historical pictures for the class and those who are going into writing receive in depth advice from the professors about techniques. Students with political science majors were able to exercise their skills with the political conventions and leadership opportunities in class. Students who love acting get to flex and broaden their skills with the different interactive games.

What is your biggest takeaway from your sequence?

This sequence provided stability for my first year at GVSU. With all of my other classes ending at a semester, I could count on seeing a group of familiar faces throughout the school year with my honors sequence. We celebrated holidays together, and students brought in snacks.

As far as the content of the sequences, I have learned and retained more about American history in this class than I did in high school. The interactive games helped politics click in my mind. The stories and videos have taught me about cultures that often get overlooked. The discussions about different eras in theatre and various plays deepened my understanding about themes, symbolism, and history.

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