Meet the working dog class of 2022

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A portrait of the black lab, Koda
Portrait of a yellow lab named Professor Chad
Fun Fact: Chad has his own  Rate My Professor ranking (5/5) One commenter: “Professor Chad is one of the most loving and respected professors at GVSU. His teaching method is unparalleled, and he keeps the classroom atmosphere light-hearted. He is truly one of the best of his breed.”
Portrait of a black labradoodle named Ziggi. Fun Fact: One of Ziggi's best tricks is to stay with a small treat on his nose, waiting patiently for Billy Wallace to say, "Catch it."
Portrait of a yellow lab named Archie
Fun Fact:  IT staff members enjoy  an office break by making a circle with their chairs to roll one of Archie’s toys  back and forth for him  to chase.