Why Choose Grand Valley?

Here are a few reasons Grand Valley is a smart investment:

  • Tuition is below the state average for public universities

  • Advising programs encourage students to graduate in a timely fashion saving more time and money

  • Grand Valley's graduation rate is fourth in the state and above the state average for public universities

  • Grand Valley has been named one of Americas 100 Best College Buys 18 years in a row

  • More than 90 percent of recent graduates are employed or in graduate school


In 2013-2014, 94 percent of Grand Valley's full-time dependent students received financial aid with an average award of $13,276. Financial aid includes grants, scholarships, loans and work study. No matter how you finance your Grand Valley education, you can be sure you'll get more for your money than at almost any other university in Michigan. Grand Valley State University has one of the most reasonable tuition rates in Michigan. Our rate of tuition change in the past six years is less than the national, Midwest, and state averages. In every year that Grand Valley has increased tuition, we have increased financial aid by at least the same amount.


Our Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships is dedicated to helping you find every possible advantage when it comes to financing your Grand Valley education including scholarships, grants, loans, or campus employment.


Access is a core value at Grand Valley. For many students, financing a college education without any form of assistance would be impossible. Grand Valley understands that. Our goal is to fund as much of our students' financial need as possible regardless of their financial backgrounds.

Return on Investment

Grand Valley offers an excellent education at a reasonable cost. In fact, The Kaplan/Newsweek College Catalog rated Grand Valley best in two areas:

Best Value for Tuition Dollar Responsive to Individual Student Financial Needs

Also, Grand Valley has been named one of "The 100 Best College Buys in the United States" for 18 years in a row, the only Michigan campus to receive this uninterrupted designation.


We understand that dealing with financial aid issues can be stressful. That's why we work hard to make sure we treat every student and situation with the dignity, respect, and attention they deserve. We want you to succeed and do everything possible to make sure you can succeed.

Page last modified September 15, 2017