New Student Financial Aid Information & Resource Hub

Parent & Supporter Orientation Sessions

Welcome parents and supporters to your virtual orientation with the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships.  Below we have provided you with helpful videos, links to some important information, and handouts to print out if you would like.  We are here to help you navigate this new and exciting experience with your new Laker, and are happy to answer any questions that you might have.

Individual Consultations

Financial Aid Video Library

Helpful Handouts

Understanding Your Financial Aid

Calculating Your Expenses

Incoming Freshman Timeline

Dependent Student Loan Comparison Chart

Independent Student Loan Comparison Chart


Have you experienced changes in your family circumstances since you filed the FAFSA, or have unusual family circumstances not accounted for on the FAFSA (e.g. change in income, divorce, excessive medical costs, etc.)?  Let us know!  We can let you know if your family circumstances may qualify your student for any additional financial aid.

Special Circumstances

Page last modified May 15, 2023