Preparing for 2024-2025 Financial Aid

June 11, 2024 Update: At this time, students are regularly being awarded as we receive a completed FAFSA.  If you are still having issues filing your FAFSA, please see the following link for their known issues and workarounds:  If you have submitted your FAFSA and have not received your financial aid offer, please check your unsatisfied requirements.  If you have any concerns about your financial aid offer, please visit the following link for information about Special Circumstances, and Financial Hardship Requests:

May 14, 2024 Update: All Financial Aid Offices (including GVSU) are currently unable to make any changes to the 24-25 FAFSA due to delays from the Department of Education.  We will likely not have access to make these updates until July.  In the meantime, we will accept forms and documentation.  We are committed to helping you navigate your special circumstance.  If this delay is impacting your decisions and/or planning, please contact us to discuss your options.

April 30, 2024 Update: We have started sending out financial aid offers to our incoming freshman and transfer students.  Returning students can expect to receive their offers in late May.  

April 12, 2024 Update: GVSU have started receiving 2024-2025 FAFSAs!  Next week we will begin sending emails to students whose FAFSAs require more information before we can continue processing.  New students who have a complete FAFSA will receive their financial aid offers in late April.  Returning students will receive their financial aid offers in late May.  If you need to correct your FAFSA, stay tuned for more information from the Department of Education on when this capability will be available.  We expect the Special Circumstances form to be available in early May.

Most important things to know:

  1. The 2024-2025 FAFSA is now available at  We encourage you to complete this as soon as possible. We understand that some students and contributors are experiencing issues with various aspects of the application.  We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions, so we can help you to the best of our ability.  In some cases, we may have to defer you to the Department of Education for assistance.
  2. Students and families will see a different measure of their ability to pay for college which will be used to determine a student's financial aid eligibility and award. The Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is being replaced by the Student Aid Index (SAI). 
  3. We expect to receive your FAFSA information from the Department of Education in mid April.  We will communicate with you once we have your FAFSA at GVSU with more information on what to expect next.

As new details are regularly shared by the Department of Education, we will continue to update this webpage.

Page last modified June 11, 2024