Advisory Board Members

Dr. Amy McFarland

Amy McFarland, PhD

Director and Associate Professor of Environmental and Sustainability Studies 

Research Areas: Social and environmental impacts of food systems, from production to consumption; urban greening


Dr. Shannon Biros

Shannon Biros, PhD

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Research Areas: Organic synthesis of multidentate compounds for lanthanide and actinide coordination chemistry, small molecule X-ray crystallography


Dr. Amanda Buday

Amanda Buday, PhD

Assistant Professor of Environmental and Sustainability Studies and Sociology

Research Areas: Community-based environmental and anti-fracking activism, municipal water conservation, and regional variation in wind energy development


Dr. Brian Deyo

Brian Deyo, PhD 

Associate Professor of English

Research Areas: Environmental humanities, ecocriticism, animal/animality studies, posthumanism, climate fiction


Dr. Shirley Fleischmann

Shirley Fleischmann, PhD

Professor of Engineering

Research Areas: Fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, energy


Dr. Tara Kneeshaw

Tara Kneeshaw, PhD

Assistant Professor of Geology

Research Areas: Environmental biogeochemistry, water quality, chemicals in natural systems


Dr. Elena Lioubimtseva

Elena Lioubimtseva, PhD

Professor of Geography and Sustainable Planning

Research Areas: Climate change, land use and change, human vulnerability and adaptations to climate change and natural disasters, food security, Russia and Central Eurasia


Dr. Alexandra Locher

Alexandra Locher, PhD

Associate Professor of Biology

Research Areas: Forest ecosystem management, wildlife-habitat relationships, Geographic Information Systems


Dr. Azizur Molla

Azizur R. Molla, PhD

Professor of Public Health

Research Areas: Medical anthropology, community health, environmental health, health education and promotion, and health communication and advocacy


Dr. Kelly Parker

Kelly Parker, PhD

Professor of Environmental and Sustainability Studies and Philosophy

Research Areas: Environmental philosophy, sustainability studies, ecohumanities


Dr. Beth Peterson

Beth Peterson, PhD

Associate Professor of Writing

Research Areas: Eco-criticism, environmental writing, creative nonfiction


Dr. Michael Scantlebury

Michael Scantlebury, PhD

Associate Professor of Hospitality and Tourism Management

Research Areas: Heritage and cultural tourism, human trafficking, water trails, geo and international tourism, and SoTL (Scholarship of Teaching and Learning)


Dr. Laura Schneider

Laura Schneider, PhD

Associate Professor of Political Science

Research Areas: Public policy, environmental policy, women and politics


Crystal Scott-Tunstall, M.S.

Crystal Scott-Tunstall, MS

Affiliate Professor of Environmental and Sustainability Studies

Research Areas: Urban forestry and interpretation, community gardening, local food systems


Dr. Jennifer Stewart

Jennifer Stewart, PhD

Associate Professor of Sociology

Research Areas: Social stratification, race and ethnicity


Dr. Kirsten Strom

Kirsten Strom, PhD

Professor of Art History

Research Areas: Art history, surrealism, art and ethnography, animals in art


Dr. Janet Vail

Janet Vail, PhD

Research Scientist, Annis Water Resources Institute

Research Areas: Climate impacts, air quality, Great Lakes water issues, environmental regulations, environmental education


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