The following resources can help Environmental Studies students find scholarships, grants, fellowships, and other support for study in sustainability and environment.

Sustainability Scholarships and Funds

More information can be found at the Office of Sustainability Practices website.

  • Nichols Sustainability Scholarship: Established to encourage students to become involved with campus and community sustainability efforts and reward those students who are committed to environmental, social and fiscal responsibility. An endowed fund.
  • Student Sustainability Endowment Fund: Fund provides student sustainable development internships on campus and in the community that focus on environmental, economic and social impacts. An endowed fund.
  • Sustainable Agriculture Project Fund: Fund provides resources to further develop the education and practice of sustainable food systems on a 1 acre plot in Allendale. Established in 2008 for faculty, staff, students, and the local community.
  • Sustainability Leadership Fund: Established for corporate donors, businesses, foundations, and other charitable organizations to contribute funds for ongoing sustainability programs and activities both on campus and the community.

Complete List of Brooks College Scholarships and Funds

Other Scholarships

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