Tara Kneeshaw

Assistant Professor of Geology

Tara Kneeshaw

135 Padnos Hall of Science
One Campus Drive
Allendale, Michigan 49401-9403
Office Telephone: (616)-331-8996
Office Fax: (616)-331-3740
Electronic Mail: [email protected]


Texas A&M University, Ph.D. Geology, 2008
Albion College, B.A. Geology and Biology, 2001

Research Interests

My primary area of research is in environmental biogeochemistry. I use field and laboratory techniques to predict chemical form, mobility, and toxicity in dynamic natural environments (ex. wetlands). I am a very interdisciplinary scientist and I often utilize fundamental knowledge in thermodynamics, geochemistry, microbiology, and hydrogeology to study the fate of chemicals in natural systems.

Selected Publications

Kneeshaw, T.A., McGuire, J.T., Cozzarelli, I.M., Smith, E.W., 2011, Quantifying In Situ Sulfate Reduction Rates in Response to Geochemical Perturbations. Ground Water, 49: no. doi: 10.1111/j.1745-6584.2010.00782.x.

Markley, C.T., Miller, H., Kneeshaw, T.A., Herbert, B.E., 2009, Influence of Instructors’ Conceptions of Learning on Classroom Education in Geology at a Doctoral/Research University. Journal of Geoscience Education, Vol. 57, n. 4, p. 264-274.

Kneeshaw, T.A., McGuire, J.T., Smith, E.W., Cozzarelli, I.M., 2007, Evaluation of Sulfate Reduction at Experimentally Induced Mixing Interfaces Using Small-Scale Push-Pull Tests in an Aquifer-Wetland System. Applied Geochemistry, Vol. 22, 2618-2629.

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