Beaver Island Field School: Place Matters

Students participating in this immersive field school will gain an understanding of sustainability as it relates to the environment, culture, and economy in one of Michigan’s most ecologically diverse places - Beaver Island. Students will learn about the rich history of the island, engage with community partners, attend Beaver Island's 7th Annual Sustainability Fair, and complete a collaborative group project.

Led by Dr. Kelly Parker, this hybrid course includes a 1-day orientation on Allendale Campus, then a week of online learning, followed by a week on Beaver Island, where students will reside in cabins at the CMU Biological Station

Offered Spring/Summer 2022, the class will depart from GVSU on June 19 and ride the ferry from Charlevoix, MI to Beaver Island over Lake Michigan. Students will leave the island on June 26 and arrive back to Allendale Campus that evening.

Panoramic view of Beaver Island shoreline

Course Details

  • Semester Offered: Spring/Summer 2022
  • Course Title/Number: ENS 380.01 Beaver Island Field School: Place Matters (CRN 40746)
  • Credits: 3
  • Instruction: Hybrid
  • Capacity: 12 students
  • Dates: June 12 - July 2
    Class meets on Allendale Campus on 6/12, online 6/13-6/18, on Beaver Island 6/19-6/26, with an additional week of (asynchronous) time through 7/1 for students to complete their final projects.
  • Instructor: Kelly Parker, Professor of Environmental and Sustainability Studies and Philosophy
  • Prerequisites: Instructor permission; permit required. Applications are now being accepted and will be reviewed starting March 14th, with students informed of enrollment decisions by March 22nd. If more students apply than the program is able to accommodate, preference will be given to students with junior or senior standing. Waitlist decisions will be announced as positions become available, through May.
  • Course Fee: $640- Like other experiential learning courses, enrollment in the Beaver Island Field School requires a course fee to assist in covering the costs of lodging, meals, transportation, and activities. This is in addition to the cost of tuition. 
  • Fulfillment: For ENS majors and minors, this course can be used to fulfill any Social and Cultural Perspectives requirement. Alternatively, students pursuing an ENS minor may apply this course as an additional upper-level elective.

Outdoor Adventures

Forests on Beaver Island

Community-Based Learning

Aerial view of Lake Michigan and the shores of Beaver Island

Island Beauty

Sunset over Lake Michigan with a wooden dock in the forefront


Contact: Kelly Parker, PhD
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 616-331-3257

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