The English Department in Lake Huron Hall

Our main English Department office has officially moved to 235 LHH. 

Looking for a professor? Check our Faculty Offices & Office Hours page for their contact information as well as their office hours for the Fall 2022 semester. 

Our main phone number and department email remain the same: (616) 331-3400; [email protected].

Lake Huron Hall


Success Stories Spotlight

Success Stories

English majors graduate from our program with a wide range of marketable skills. They work in education, in business, in entertainment, and in the non-profit sector.

Professor Brown Wins Pineapple Award Spotlight

Professor Brown Wins Pineapple Award

Professor Brown Wins Pineapple Award

Mourning Professor Emeritus Walter Foote Spotlight

Mourning Professor Emeritus Walter Foote

The English Department mourns the passing of Professor Emeritus Walter Foote.

Lake Michigan Writing Project Spotlight

Lake Michigan Writing Project

The Lake Michigan Writing Project (LMWP) is an organization of, by, and for teachers of writing at all grade levels and in all disciplines, dedicated to improving the teaching and uses of writing through a variety of programs.

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