Pets of the English Department

As we navigate these times of stress and uncertainty surrounding the 2020 COVID-19 global pandemic, the English Department has gathered a collection of our pets to share with you in an effort to bring some brightness to your days. Please enjoy our fuzzy friends! 


Owner, Dr. Kathleen Blumreich

Eddie is a Norwich terrier and has been enjoying extra ear-rubs, more lap-sitting, and more opportunities for snacks as he stays home, stays safe.



Owner, Dr. Brian White

This is Lambeau! He's a nine-year-old golden doodle and is an all-around good guy (who may or may not root for the Green Bay Packers come football season).

Pearson's Pups

Pearson's Pups
Owner, Dr. Christy Pearson

Affectionately known as "Pearson's Pups," Sophie, Rose and Hannah belong to Professor Christy Pearson. 

Remlinger dog Maggie

Owner, Dr. Kate Remlinger

The star of recent Panopto videos, this is Maggie, who belongs to Professor Kate Remlinger. To see a picture of Dr. Remlinger's cat, Sisu (whose name is Finnish for "perseverance in the face of adversity"), check out our gallery of pets here.

Masko cat Olive

Owner, Dr. Amy Masko

This is Olive, who belongs to Professor Amy Masko's daughter. She has been really enjoying having the whole family home. She meows and circles your feet when it’s dinner time. With this many of us home all day, she has been tricking us into thinking she hasn’t been fed yet. So, Olive has been enjoying more than her usual 2-meals per day! To see more of Dr. Masko's pets, click here


Owner, Alice Pozzobon

This dapper Jack Russell Terrier is Ragu! He belongs to one English Department student worker and Masters of Applied Linguistics graduate student, Alice Pozzobon. 

Anderson bunny Eclipse

Owner, Dr. Rachel Anderson

Our faculty don't just have cats and dogs as pets. Meet Eclipse, who is owned by Professor Anderson. Eclipse has some bunny siblings and also shares attention with several foster guinea pigs (from West Michigan Critter Haven), which can be seen in our pets gallery here.

Deyo dog Peluso

Owner, Dr. Brian Deyo

This beautiful pupper is Peluso, who is owned by Professor Deyo. 

Mary Poppins beach Julie

Mary Poppins
Owner, Dr. Kurt Bullock

This is Mary Poppins, the traveling girl who puts 30k miles on the road with Professor Bullock per year. She enjoys parading on their 'home' beach in Traverse City and also enjoys time on the beach with her friend Julie and Julie's (coddled) Shih Tzu, Anna. For more pictures of Mary Poppins' adventures, be sure to check out our pet gallery here.

Bloem dog Tulip

Owner, Dr. Pat Bloem

A native Hollander, Tulip spends her days with Professor Bloem.

Rozema dog Coco

Owner, Dr. Rob Rozema

This happy ball of fuzz is Coco, a four-year-old Cockapoo, who belongs to Professor Rozema. She is smart, fast as lightning, and loyal to a fault. Right now, she is enjoying all of the extra attention she’s getting during quarantine. Be sure to check out this video of Coco on the beach! 

Gregory - Cat Benetar

Cat Benetar (Benny)
Owner, Karynn Gregory - Dept Coordinator

This is Cat Benetar who belongs to our Department Coordinator, Karynn. Likes: eating house plants, taking long naps & staring disdainfully at humans. Dislikes: people who do not follow her commands for pets or treats.

Essink - Dozer

Owner, Michelle, English Education Major

This sweet black lab is Dozer, who belongs to one of our students, Michelle. Dozer has made a few appearances during online video classes.

Schafer - Toad the Wet Sprocket dog

Toad the Wet Sprocket Schaefer
Owner, Joy Schaefer, Visiting Professor

This is Toad the Wet Sprocket Schaefer, a simply adorable chihuahua mix and the new companion of our Visiting Professor, Joy Schaefer.

Richardson - Mr. Stanley cat

Mr. Stanley
Owner, Kaitlyn, English Secondary Education Major

This sweet, fuzzy face is Mr. Stanley. He belongs to Kaitlyn, an English Secondary Ed major and Applied Linguistics teaching minor.

Evans - Tycho dog

Owner, Dr. Dawn Evans

This is Tycho, named after Tycho Brahe, the Danish astronomer. Instead of looking to the skies, this Tycho looks to his mom (Professor Evans) and says, "Are you ever going to come out of that room? This is worse than when you're gone all day!"

Brice - Miss Kitty & Katie cats

Miss Kitty and Katie
Owner, Dr. Colleen Brice

These sweet kitties are Miss Kitty and Katie. They belong to Professor Brice and have been keeping her company as she shelters in place.

Casler - kitty pile

Beans, Bear & Daisy
Owner, Rebecca, English PSS

A trio of adorableness, Beans, Bear and Daisy, recently joined the family of one of our PSS, Rebecca. They have settled in and have been helpful coworkers as Rebecca supports the English Department while working from home.

Sutherland - Mushu snake

Owner, Lisa, English Language & Literature Major

This is Mushu, who belongs to our student Lisa, who is studying Language & Literature. Lisa reports that Mushu hasn't always been the most helpful study buddy during quarantine.

Kore - Roscoe & Avery (dog and cat)

Roscoe & Avery
Owner, Katrina, Master of Applied Linguistics student

Katrina, who is a Master of Applied Linguistics student, sent use these pictures of her pets, Roscoe and Avery. Roscoe is a Great Dane and Mastiff mix (and tops the scale at 110lbs!). His kitty companion is Avery, who is about 8 months old. Both have been enjoying extra snuggles and playtime.

Selke - Lewey (dog)

Owner, Morgan, English Secondary Education Major

English Secondary Education major, Morgan, had been enjoying the Pets of the English Department on Twitter and sent in a picture of her dog, Lewey, to join in the fun. Morgan is also an intern for Ought: The Journal of Autistic Culture.

Reed - Gidget (dog)

Owner, Jennie, English Department PSS

Gidget is the inspiration and driving force behind Pets of the English Department. When she's not editing pet photos in Photoshop, she can be found napping on the most comfy blanket or pillow in the house. 

J. Francis Badger

J. Francis Badger
Owner, Dr. Shannon, English Department Chair

J. Francis Badger is currently 10 weeks old so his favorite activity is sleeping but in his spare time he likes to play with squeaky toys and chew on pant legs.J. Francis Badger is currently 10 weeks old so his favorite activity is sleeping but in his spare time he likes to play with squeaky toys and chew on pant legs.

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