eLearn "On Demand:" Self-Paced Training

We realize…

…that schedules are complicated, and it's not always possible to make it to a training session—even when it's being held over Zoom. To satisfy you need for professional development AND your complicated schedule, eLearning is introducing self-paced training opportunities that we're calling "eLearn On Demand."

eLearn On Demand workshops are the same content we offer as in person and webinar-based sessions, but with the additional convenience of working through content at your own pace and on your own schedule. Each workshop is delivered through Blackboard as a series of readings, videos, and hands-on activities.

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How to Get Started with On Demand Training

Please complete the following steps to enroll yourself in an On Demand workshop.

  1. Register: In the list of workshops below, click the name of the workshop you'd like to enroll in. This will take you to a Sprout registration page. Even though the workshop has no fixed date and time, On Demand workshops use the Sprout system so that you can document your professional development.
  2. After registering, you will receive an email with a link to the workshop's Blackboard site. Note that you may be asked to agree to a "Privacy, cookies and terms of use" statement before you can continue.
  3. Once in the Blackboard site, find and click the "+ Enroll" button found at the bottom left of the course menu. This step should also be described on the Blackboard site's Announcement page.
  4. Sign-in: After clicking the enroll button, you may be asked to sign-in to Blackboard. This will require clicking a "Sign In" button on a page that says "Access Denied."
  5. Enrollment: Once you've signed-in, you will see a "Self Enrollment" screen. Click the "Submit" button to complete the enrollment process.
  6. Confirmation: You will now see a "Success" screen, letting you know that you've successfully joined the workshop. Click the "OK" button to return to the workshop Blackboard site and begin.

When You're Done…

After you've completed the workshop's content, you'll be asked to fill-out an "exit survey." This will let us know that you're finished and allow us to make an official record of your completion.

a flowchart describing the process of completing eLearn On Demand workshops
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Future "On Demand" Topics

  • 5 Things to Know and Do Before Integrating Online Discussion
  • Bored Free Discussion
  • Considerations for Teaching Online Accelerated Courses 
  • Designing Real Blackboard Sites for Real Students
  • Using an Andragogical Approach to online learning and discussion

Page last modified October 20, 2021