We want to maximize your transfer credit, so our advisors will review your credits and help you create an individualized academic plan. This degree offers full- and part-time schedules, allowing you to move at your own pace. If you already have approximately 60 credits completed, you can take two classes at a time and finish your degree in as few as 19 months, or you can take one class at a time and finish in a little over three years.

Students enrolled in the adult degree completion program pay $500 per credit hour for all courses required to complete their degree. 

  • There are no additional course fees.
  • The rate is the same regardless of residency status.

If you are completing your bachelor’s degree, you need to take a minimum of six credits each semester to be eligible to receive financial aid. Our advisors can explain this and offer other options for financing your degree, such as scholarships for adult learners and a company deferment plan, which will allow you to defer the amount your employer will pay in tuition benefits until the end of the semester. 

Here are a few Grand Valley scholarships that are directly applicable to adult/nontraditional students:

At this time, you cannot receive financial aid if you are only completing the courses for the certificates. 

Yes! Our advisors will help you determine which of your previously earned courses may already count toward this degree.

There are several ways you can earn credit or show expertise for experiences and knowledge you have.

  • Challenge exams: We have internal challenge exams for several different areas including math and language
  • Credit by exam: Through CLEP and DSST
  • Military evaluation and credit: For military coursework

Your advisor will work with you to determine what might help you complete your degree.

Course sizes are small, ensuring a high ratio of student-faculty contact. Your professors will let you know when and how they’ll be accessible to you. In addition to the faculty members who are teaching your classes, you will have both a faculty and a professional advisor in your region with whom you can connect both virtually and in person.

Yes! This is a great option for returning students, as you can use many of the credits you’ve already earned. An advisor will review your transcript and help you explore your options at Grand Valley.

You will receive a Bachelor of Science or Arts degree in integrative studies. This is no different than any other degree offered at Grand Valley, except you are completing it in an accelerated format with other adult students. 

We will work with you to evaluate how your credits will transfer and create an individual course of study. This degree allows you to combine credits earned from multiple colleges or universities so that you can graduate with your degree at a faster pace.

A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher and 30 credits from an accredited institution. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis for those who demonstrate a potential for academic success in other ways.

Students applying for the adult degree completion program will use the online application. There is a $30 application fee. Because you can start the program at any time, you simply need to complete an application at least five days before your first class begins.

You should expect to come to one of Grand Valley’s campuses twice, while completing your degree, for two all-day meetings. These are typically held on Saturdays, offering you networking, mentoring, career coaching, and professional development training in addition to face-to-face instruction related to your courses. 

If you are pursuing only a certificate, you can complete it fully online with no trips to campus.

If you have not yet met with an advisor, you can schedule a phone or in-person appointment by calling us at (616) 331-7180 or by scheduling online.

If you’ve already met with an advisor and are ready to apply, you can fill out the application online.