Appointed CLAS Committees

2020-2021 CLAS Budget Planning Committee membership:

  • Conveners/Facilitators – Dean (Jen Drake), Asst Dean for Finance (Michelle McCloud)
  • CLAS Assoc Deans – (Donovan Anderson, George McBane, Tammy Schreiner)
  • CLAS Asst Dean – (Betty Schaner)
  • CLAS Dir for Comm – (Monica Johnstone)
  • Merrit Delano-Taylor, CLAS Unit Head - Visual & Media Arts
  • Rich Vallery, CLAS Unit Head - Physics
  • Heather Van Wormer, CLAS Unit Head - Anthropology
  • Janet Vigna, CLAS Unit Head - Biology
  • Darren Walhof, CLAS Unit Head - Political Science
  • Arthur Campbell, CLAS Faculty Council
  • Brian Eikenhout, CLAS AP Member - CLAS Advising
  • Karynn Gregory, CLAS PSS Member - English


2020-2021 CLAS Unit Head Agenda Committee membership:

  • Conveners/Facilitators – Dean (Jen Drake), Assoc Dean (Donovan Anderson)
  • Esther Billings, Mathematics
  • Debbie Herrington, Chemistry
  • Ashley Shannon, English
  • Figen Mekik, Geology
  • Mark Staves, Cell & Molecular Biology


Please give them your support and the benefit of your ideas!

In consultation with the CLAS Faculty Council, the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences convenes a task force to work on a particular project as needed.

Current Task Forces

None at this time


Composition of CLAS 2016-2021 Strategic Positioning Task Force

Sherry Johnson, English

Beth Gibbs, Music & Dance

Hoon Lee, Art & Design

Paul Murphy, History

Michael Wolfe, Psychology

Gang Xu, Geography

Rod Morgan, Biology

Pablo Llerandi-Román, Geology

Pam Wells, Mathematics

Nikki Gaines, AP from CAAC

Janet Potgeter, PSS from Geology


The CLAS task force will meet every couple of weeks in Winter 2015 either as a committee of the whole or as sub-groups. We will discuss ideas for collecting inputs from various college stakeholders early in this process. Our first meeting is on January 20. Thanks to the unit heads for their nominations and to the members of the task force for agreeing to serve.

By way of context, information on the university's strategic positioning process can be found at .  


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences  Advising Task Force  2014

Electronic advising repository

Deb Burg, BMS, Chair, CLAS Advising Task Force

Feryal Alayont, MTH

Debbie Herrington, CHM

Erik Nordman, BIO

Betty Schaner, CLAS Academic Advising Center

Dick Cooley, HST

Laura Fox, MLL

Toni Perrine, COM

Mary Schutten, MOV

Mary Bower Russa, PSY

Nikki Gaines, CLAS Academic Advising Center

Colleen Lewis, MOV

Bill Ryan, MUS


Final report

PEAT (Principles of Equity in Allocation Taskforce)

Gary Stark, HST and CLAS Associate Dean, chair

Shaily Menon, Bio and CLAS Associate Dean

Pat Haynes, CLAS Assistant Dean for Budget

Aaron Perry, CLAS Director of Lab Support

Erika King, Poli Sci

Dan Royer, WRT

Paul Stephenson, Stats

Anne Caillaud, MLL

Norwood Viviano, Art & Design

George McBane, CHM

Ginny Peterson, GEO

Corinna McLeod, English

Tony Thompson, SoC


Principles of Equity in Allocation Taskforce Charge: The charge of this taskforce is to identify and prioritize the principles and factors which the College should use for determining and distributing operating budgets (including Student Wages, CSSM, and/or Equipment budgets) to departments.  These factors and principles will include equipment use (by both majors and Gen Ed students), the status of programs, the number of majors, of student credit hours, and of faculty, the needs of faculty research not addressed by various grants, and other factors that PEAT may identify.  The distribution of future resources should also be guided by the mission, vision and values which the College has embraced, and to which it will remain committed in strategic prioritization and planning; for example, is the number of funded graduate assistantships in the College maximally effective given our resources,  competing priorities, and primary emphasis on undergraduate education?

To accomplish this identification and prioritization, PEAT will be charged to consult very widely and work transparently; to study closely the current distribution of allocations; and to identify those areas in need of reallocation.

The target date for a report is Wednesday July 30, 2014.  The report will be discussed by unit heads and by College governance during the first weeks of Fall semester 2014, and they will advise the Dean.  The Dean will respond to the College about the report, about the way it will influence the rest of the 2014-15 budget year, and about how it will reshape allocation thereafter.  The target date for this response will be the Unit Head and Faculty Weekly Mailing of the week of September 15, 2014.


Previous Task Forces

Task Force for CLAS 500 Level Course Offerings

Charge: Investigate ways in which 500 level courses could serve undergraduate and graduate programs

  • Determine interest among CLAS units for 500 level courses
  • Identify the place of 500 level courses within the undergraduate and graduate curricula, respectively
  • Identify criteria for proposal of 500 level courses [cap at about 20]
    o   Serve undergraduates [how will these courses impact 400 level courses?]
    o   Serve graduates
  • Devise a system for 500 level course proposals that align with CCC and Graduate protocols

Members; Jim Persoon (ENG), Mark Luttenton (BIO), Robert Downer (STA), Carolyn Shapin-Shapiro (HST), Jamie Owen-DeSchryver (PSY), Alex Nesterenko (COM), and Mary Schutten (CLAS).

Outcome: The Task Force made recommendations on 500 level courses that were sent to the Graduate Dean and Graduate Council.


Risk Reduction Taskforce

Charge - to collect better practices within the College and within GVSU, and to identify sources beyond GVSU, that will allow departments to reduce risk on internships, service learning, field work, study abroad, and similar high impact practice; and to develop resources and recommendations for departments, unit heads and faculty going forward.

Risk Reduction website

Members: Brian Hatzel (chair) (MOV), Bob Hollister (BIO), Azizur Molla (ANT), Steve Mattox (GEO), Tony Thompson (COM), John Gabrosek (STA), John Martin (MUS), Jim Visser (ART - AP), Jim Seufert (Safety Officer), Dennis Malaret (SOC), Melissa Morison (CLA), Jill Hamilton (COM), Shaily Menon (CLAS, ex-officio)

GRIT--Grassroots Inclusion Taskforce (members) (Fall 2009)  Our inclusion plan is now fully integrated in our Strategic Plan.

Advising Taskforce (reported  December 7, 2006)

CLAS Governance Taskforce (reported February 28, 2005)

Diversity Taskforce (reported March 2006)

Fall Break Taskforce (2007)

Learning Space Taskforce (reported February 6, 2006)

Padnos Henry Remodeling Taskforce (reported May 4, 2007)


Provost Office Initiatives (includes current taskforces)

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